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Recently salesforce visited our campus and took the following rounds for the final selection. Round 1: Written aptitude round containing basic questions on C and… Read More
Recently Amazon visited our campus and take three rounds for final selection. First Round: 20 MCQs, 2 Coding questions. Platform – HackerRank. Coding Questions: 1.Print… Read More
Interview Experience of Calsoft Pune:- First of all they gave PPT After that there was an online Exam that was pure coding exam. There were… Read More
Pattern: 1. Online Test (70 appeared, 43 shortlisted) 2. Analytical reasoning, coding round (Written) (30 shortlisted) 3. Technical interview I (16 shortlisted) 4. Technical interview… Read More
Given an arithmetic expression, find all possible outcomes of this expression. Different outcomes are evaluated by putting brackets at different places.We may assume that the… Read More
Round 1: Online test. There were 3 sections 1) Aptitude : 20 Questions in 30 minutes. Level was moderate but needs good practice to even… Read More
Given two Binary Search Trees, find common nodes in them. In other words, find intersection of two BSTs. Example: Recommended: Please solve it on “PRACTICE”… Read More
  Centuries ago, there was a concept of one and only global currency- Gold coins. Yet, millennia later, after all the technological advances we’ve made,… Read More
Here is my interview experience. Round 1:(online MCQs) MCQs on Data structures, C/C++, DBMS, OS and networking. CS gate type question. Round 2:(online subjective) This… Read More
Goldman Sachs Interview questions – Onsite (Experience: 1+ years) Technical rounds – 4 Managerial round – 1 Technical rounds Round 1 Explain RESTful web services.… Read More
A Tic-Tac-Toe board is given after some moves are played. Find out if the given board is valid, i.e., is it possible to reach this… Read More
// C++ program for sorting dates using selectio0n sort #include<bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; struct date {     int day;     int month;     int year; };    int… Read More
Interview was for both Banglore and US profile. Round 1- Online Round 45 min Part 1-(15 min) 6 objective questions and time is very less.… Read More
First Round: 20 MCQs, 2 Coding questions. Platform – HackerRank. Coding Questions: 1. A magic number is one that can be represented as a sum… Read More
Given a number n, we need to count the total number of n digit numbers such that the sum of even digits is 1 more… Read More
I have recently attended an interview with Salesforce Hyderabad, for SDE-I position. There are 5 rounds in total, all are technical.  I. Programming Round: 1. Find… Read More
Given two integers ‘n’ and ‘sum’, find count of all n digit numbers with sum of digits as ‘sum’. Leading 0’s are not counted as… Read More
I find GeeksforGeeks very helpful! It helped me prepare for my FactSet interview. Here’s my interview experience for FactSet which came to my college for… Read More
This test consisted of only one section i.e. PROGRAMMING, conducted on Hackerrank. Details: 1. Find the difference between maximum and minimum element such that the… Read More
Recently, HP R&D visited our campus as part of recruitment drive. There was a CGPA cut off of 7.75 Profile offered: R&D engineer. Location: Bangalore.… Read More