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We strongly recommend to refer below post as a prerequisite of this. K Dimensional Tree | Set 1 (Search and Insert) In this post find… Read More
In this article, we are going to discuss the following two JavaScript array functions. Both of these functions are widely used in industry and make… Read More
It was an on-campus interview. Total 140 students applied for this job and 3 students got the offer letter. There were 4 rounds Round 1:… Read More
In the context of the following printf() in C, pick the best statement. i) printf("%d",8); ii) printf("%d",090); iii) printf("%d",00200); iv) printf("%d",0007000); (A) Only i) would… Read More
Given a linear equation of n variables, find number of non-negative integer solutions of it. For example,let the given equation be “x + 2y =… Read More
I attended a Paytm recruitment drive. The requirement was for both Front-end and Backend Developers. I applied for Backend. First there was a written round.… Read More
Given a n*n matrix where all numbers are distinct, find the maximum length path (starting from any cell) such that all cells along the path… Read More
Given a stack, sort it using recursion. Use of any loop constructs like while, for..etc is not allowed. We can only use the following ADT… Read More
At the very high level, we can think of NULL as a null pointer which is used in C for various purposes. Some of the… Read More
Profiles: TECH ANALYST AND BUSINESS ANALYST Initial->Percentage based shortlisting(>65%) Round1- >Cocubes test consisting of 3 sections: Section1: Questionnaire(What do you know about Axtria,How would you… Read More
A matching in a Bipartite Graph is a set of the edges chosen in such a way that no two edges share an endpoint. A… Read More
Given a string consisting of opening and closing parenthesis, find the length of the longest valid parenthesis substring. Examples:  Input : ((() Output : 2… Read More
Which is not the prime number? (A) 43 (B) 57 (C) 73 (D) 101 Answer: (B) Explanation: A positive natural number is called prime number… Read More
Had applied Off campus. They had asked us to bring our own laptops. Round 1 – Online round. 3 hours 30 MCQ questions based on… Read More
Which one is NOT divisible by 3 ? (A) 5271 (B) 6291 (C) 4372 (D) 8952 Answer: (C) Explanation: If the total of digits is… Read More
(1015)2 = ? (A) 1040125 (B) 1030225 (C) 1050125 (D) 1025125 Answer: (B) Explanation: 10152 = (1000+15)2 = 10002 + 152 +2 x 1000 x… Read More
Written test: They conducted written test in HackerRank and an hour duration. They asked me to implement the functions for the following two problems. 1)… Read More
MakeMyTrip recently visited our campus. There were 5 rounds. Online Round ( 1 Hour ) This round consisted of 20 aptitude questions and 3 coding… Read More
Given a singly linked list L0 -> L1 -> … -> Ln-1 -> Ln. Rearrange the nodes in the list so that the new formed… Read More
We had Amazon campus interview in our college offering an internship (performance based job conversion). First round(online coding round) : 20 MCQs. 2 coding questions.… Read More