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Traveloka Interview Experience for 6-month SLI + FTE Eligibility:  Resume Shortlisting or 7+ CGPA  Round 1- MCQs:  50 MCQS in 55-minute MCQs were C++ output… Read More
Resume shortlisting is done before all the rounds. My resume was shortlisted so I appeared for further rounds. Round 1: Online MCQ test. It contains 50… Read More
Online Technical Objective Round 1: The round had 50 questions about C++ and its outputs. It was conducted on Hackerrank. The time limit allotted was… Read More
Round 1: Online Round Hackerrank in which 2 coding questions and 5 MCQ Java questions were asked. Coding Questions: a.Count no of pairs in array… Read More
Given a value n, we need to print the following pattern accordingly, using only constant extra space.Examples:   Input : n = 1 Output : x… Read More