Kerberos provides a centralize authentication server whose function is to authenticate users to servers and servers to users. In Kerberos Authentication server and database is used for client authentication. Kerberos run as a third-party trusted server known as the Key Distribution Center (KDC). Each user and service on the network is a principal.

The main components of Kerberos are:

  • Authentication Server (AS):
    The Authentication Server performs the initial authentication and ticket for Ticket Granting Service.
  • Database:
    The Authentication Server verifies access rightd of users in database.
  • Ticket Granting Server (TGS):
    The Ticket Granting Server issues the ticket for the Server

Kerberos Overview:

  • Step-1:
    User logon and request services on host. Thus user request for ticket-granting-service.
  • Step-2:
    Authentication Server verifies user’s access right using database and then gives ticket-granting-ticket and session key. Results are encrypted using Password of user.
  • Step-3:
    Decryption of message is done using the password then send the ticket to Ticket Granting Server. The Ticket contain authenticators like user name and network address.
  • Step-4:
    Ticket Granting Server decrypts the ticket send by User and authenticator verifies the request then creates the ticket for requesting services from the Server.
  • Step-5:
    User send the Ticket and Authenticator to the Server.
  • Step-6:
    Server verifies the Ticket and authenticators then generate the access to the service. After this User can access the services.

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