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Difference between Kerberos Version 4 and Kerberos Version 5
  • Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2020

1. Kerberos Version 4 :
Kerberos version 4 is an update of the Kerberos software that is a computer-network authentication system. Kerberos version 4 is a web-based authentication software which is used for authentication of users information while logging into the system by DES technique for encryption. It was launched in late 1980s.

2. Kerberos Version 5 :
Kerberos version 5 is a later version of the Kerberos software came after Kerberos version 4, developed for enhancing security in the authentication. Kerberos version 5 provides a single authentication service in a network which is distributed over an enterprise. It was launched in the year 1993.

Difference between Kerberos Version 4 and Kerberos Version 5 :

S.No. Kerberos Version 4 Kerberos Version 5
1. Kerberos version 4 was launched in late 1980s. Kerberos version 5 was launched in 1993.
2. It provides ticket support. It provides ticket support with extra facilities for forwarding, renewing and postdating tickets.
3. Kerberos version 4 works on the Receiver-makes-Right encoding system. Kerberos version 5 works on the ASN.1 encoding system.
4. It does not support transitive cross-realm authentication. It supports transitive cross-realm authentication.
5. It uses Data Encryption Standard technique for encryption. It uses any encryption techniques as the cipher text is tagged with an encryption identifier.
6. In Kerberos version 4, the ticket lifetime has to be specified in units for a lifetime of 5 minutes. In Kerberos version 5, the ticket lifetime is specified with the freedom of arbitrary time.

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