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Juniper Networks Interview Experience | On-Campus

Last Updated : 08 Apr, 2020
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Round 1: ONLINE TEST:-

  1. 20 aptitude questions, 15 technical questions, 3 programming problems.
  2. aptitude- difficulty level is high. questions were from mixtures, ages, analytical reasoning, ages, analytical reasoning, time speed and distance.
  3. technical-Difficulty level is high.most of the questions were snippet based. some questions on memory allocation, data structure and stack.
  4. programming problems-Marks awarded by level of difficulty. you need to write a block of code to attain the specific answer for a given problems.

Round 2: Technical round:-

Technical round 1:-

  1. thorough drill on projects.
  2. a few questions on testing. 1 explain whatever you know about testing. 2 write test cases for a table( boundary value) .
  3. networking scenario based questions – know about basic protocols and their working.
  4. given a network scenario write a code to send a packet from A TO D – I used Dijkstra algorithm ( in real time multi threading is required to resolve the path since the network is huge).
  5. questions on projects : explain how special is your project and if it is gained recognition.
  6. improvement and future scope of the project and would really consider making it better.
  7. review of  performance in online test again.

Technical round 2:-

note:- due to shortage of time 4 out of 16 have given 2 technical rounds

  1. we were asked about questions we did wrong in online test
  2. difficulty of programming problems
  3. alternate algorithms for those problems
  4. about linked lists, sorting algorithms(quick, merge and bubble sort)
  5. about projects undertaken
  6. they might ask to share your ideas if any. if so please do share, they will fine tune your ideas and give a new way to your thinking.

source to prepare:- online juniper starter course, study OS and data structure, computer networks-forouzan.

Tips :- portray good communication skills, be thorough with networking concepts, in depth knowledge about your project, try to solve unsolved or wrongly solved questions in aptitude section because they ask you to solve them in technical round, practice coding! need to solve atleast one coding question among 3 to clear the first round

Round 3:HR round:-

  1. why juniper, tell me about juniper?
  2. tell me about yourself?
  3. how messages sent from one device to another in a network?
  4. write a c program to find shortest path to reach given node? (hint: use multi threaded approach)
  5. name layer 2 and 3 devices and explain?
  6. what other offers do you have?
  7. is there any reason why you might reject full time offer with juniper?
  8. somewhere in the middle of the conversation i mentioned cisco so i was asked, why not cisco?
  9. what drives you crazy to do new things ?
  10. your interesting subject and questions on that what do u like much in that subject?.(dont just blindly say anything because you will be drawn deeply into that subject)
  11. also if i had any questions (make sure you do ask questions.

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