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Nokia Networks Interview Experience(On-campus)| Set 6

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Nokia networks visited our campus for 3 profiles : Nokia Software(NSW), NSP and 7210 SAS. 
4 Rounds were conducted. First Round was conducted on AMCAT and rest 3 were interviews conducted at our campus. 
After Giving online test, i was shortlisted for NSW profile. 

Round 1: AMCAT 
There were multiple choice questions from 4 topics and 2 Coding Questions. 
You have to choose C++/Java before taking the test. 

  1. CS fundamentals: Basic questions from sorting algorithms, data structures, code snippets, debugging
  2. Logical Ability
  3. Mathematics
  4. English Comprehension
  5. 2 Coding questions
    1. Find No. of balanced parenthesis in a given string, if parenthesis is not balanced return -1. 
Example : Input :((())  Output : -1 
Parenthesis is not balanced
Input : (())() Output :  3
  2. Find prime numbers less than equal to N. 
    Solution : Use Sieve of Eratosthenes 

Round 2 : Technical Interview 

  1. Asked about my final year project
  2. As i had chosen java during amcat test, he asked me questions on java
  3. why is java platform independent
  4. What is JDK, JVM, JRE and what does an end user need to install to run a java application
  5. what is byte code
  6. what is polymorphism? Run time and compile time polymorphism with example
  7. what if write something else instead of Main in a java program
  8. What happens if we write Main() inside Main() method
  9. Print prime numbers between two given numbers
  10. what is abstraction? How do we achieve it
  11. Difference between abstract classes and interface
  12. what kind of inheritance is used in java?
  13. why is multiple inheritance not supported in java? I told him about the diamond problem in C++, so he asked what is diamond problem
  14. How can we implement multiple inheritance in java
  15. Where is java.util package used?
  16. Which Collection Classes are synchronized
  17. Difference between Arrays and ArrayList
  18. Difference between HashMap and HashTable

Round 3: Manegerial Round 

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Why do you want to become a software engineer
  3. what motivates you everyday
  4. About my parents
  5. what is software development life cycle
  6. Asked questions on analysis phase of SDLC and how i have used this in my projects
  7. Strengths and Weaknesses
  8. Then i was asked if i had any questions

Round 4 : HR Round 

  1. Asked if i had any offers from other company, i said no so he asked me why dont i have any offer
  2. Asked me what went wrong in other interviews in detail
  3. About my parents
  4. Why did you move to Bangalore
  5. Achievements
  6. what was my gpa, why i had a backlog and how will i cope up with the corporate world

He then told me that feedback will be provided within few days. 
Finally, they shortlisted 10 students and i was among one of them!. 
Tips : Be confident in what you answer and don’t ever lose hope. I was rejected 13 times before i got this offer. 
Thank you GeeksForGeeks for all the problems and interview experiences.

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Last Updated : 19 May, 2021
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