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Juniper Interview Experience | Set 5 (For SDE111)
  • Last Updated : 07 Mar, 2018

Telephonic round:

Multithreading, current project, prev company project, packet transfer over network

Deadlock, situation for deadlock, min thread/resource required for dead lock, how to overcome from deadlock, critical section

Round 1:

Sum of 2 is x in array
List palindrome
Mutex semaphore
Airline design for connectivity
Hash map

Round 2:

Area of rectangle
Two rectangle intersecting area
mutex semaphore
TCP flow
IP header
Difference between message passing and shared memory

Round 3:

Routing – how many interfaces / assign ip address to each router / update routing table
Project arch
Mutex semaphore
Synchronization techniques
Power of 2
Socket – client server arch
Get/get-next implementation

Round 4:

Most challenging job so far
Project implementation
Bit map implementation / get empty position in 2000 bits / why char, why not int or uint
Little / big endian
htons implementation
Swap nibbles aabbccdd -> ddccbbaa
Mutex semaphore
Memory leak – how to find leak during system start up

Round 5:
Array of 10 char pointers
Write function to allocate memory for each char pointer

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