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Juniper Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus for Internship)
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2015

Written round -90 mins
There were 39 questions in this test conducted on hackerrank platform
     15 aptitude questions
     20 technical questions
     4 coding questions

Aptitude questions were moderate.

For technical questions you should know basic concepts of C/C++, OS & networking. Questions were hard

Coding questions were
1. given a singly linked list of 0s and 1s find its decimal equivalent

   Ex 0->0->0->1->1->0->0->1->0
   Ans 50
   (You have to code only in C/Java) 

2. Given two sorted array merge them

3. Balanced parenthesis with slight modification
      (Java only)
You should know about regex

4. Next permutation of string with slight modification
     (C/Java only)

You need to solve at least 2 coding questions and few technical questions

20 were shortlisted from 150 people

2nd round (F2F technical interview)

Duration around 30 mins

They asked about my projects
My strong subjects ( I said DS)
They asked codes which I couldn’t code in written round
Then various sorting algorithms and discussion about them
Socket programming ( I told them I don’t know much about it)
I told them that I really love to work with projects that’s what they told us in PPT
& that’s it

Some other questions asked to my friends
OS: process and thread related basic concepts examples , synchronisation problem
DBMS: normalization in detail example
Use , denormalization and basics
OOPs : multi threading in c++ & java
Networking : OSI & TCP/IP model
Switch,hub,router and what happens in browser when we type URL
Basic networking questions
DS & algo : basic level questions
Sorting algo , matrix multiplication ,
Reverse of string , insertion sort in linked list etc

Thank you geeksforgeeks !!

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