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Jobs That ChatGPT Can Replace in Near Future

Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2024
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As technology is evolving day by day so are artificial intelligence-powered tools, ChatGPT. It has created a heat in the world of technology and people are using it to do several tasks. Since, its release in November 2022, ChatGPT has been used for doing numerous impressive things like writing cover letters, emails, blogs, articles, and many other things. This chatbot is more powerful than imagined and many companies are also using the same for fulfilling various purposes. Not only writing the ChatGPT can also work as customer service agents, coders, technical writers, etc. thus creating a threat in the society that many people might have to give away their jobs.

Jobs that ChatGPT Can Replace in the Near Future

So let us take a look that will ChatGPT be able to replace the jobs anytime soon, or will the humans continue doing the work that they are doing for years? 

Jobs that ChatGPT Can Replace in the Near Future

These are the few jobs that ChatGPT might replace in the near future, let’s take a look: 

1. Computer Programmer

There are several jobs that ChatGPT can replace and the very first in this order is Programming. Yes, that is right it can write code and also correct the errors made by humans while writing them. All the tech-related jobs be it web developer, coder, or data scientist are on the verge of being overtaken by AI. However, codes prepared by humans are accurate and done with precision but take a lot of time. On the other hand, codes written by ChatGPT are produced faster than humans, thus, require less manpower. In addition to this, ChatGPT can also be used for writing basic data structures, algorithms, machine, and deep learning tasks. But it is good if humans write the code and take ChtaGPT’s help to check them, as it will keep the learning process alive and not make everyone dependent on AI. 

2. Technical Writer

The most common job that ChatGPT or any trending AI tool can replace in the near future is writing and technical writing. In technical writing, professionals write specialized topics specifically used for conveying something important. However, ChatGPT can do the same. it can provide great suggestions and prompts to help if you are stuck while writing and generates ideas. It can even write new articles with proper research be it a price of coding or any scientific example, everything is explained very easily. 

3. Data Analyst

The job of a Data analyst is known to be a very important job in the industry as they are the ones who help in the planning of financial plans by studying customer and market behaviors. Then the company starts working based on the data given by the data analyst eventually earning profits. But nowadays, ChatGPT is used for data analytics and generates quick insights to give accurate data, thus taking up the job of data analysts. Also, the data fetched by AI is accurate based on the given figures, however, sometimes humans can make mistakes. So, people are now relying very much upon ChatGPT and this is one of those jobs that ChatGPT can replace.

4. Graphic Designers

According to a survey, in the year 2021, Open AI, ChatGPT developer launched DALL-E a tool for producing customized images as per the guidance of the users. The user had to just prompt the command and this tool can create amazing images. This tool came out t be a threat to all graphic designers as it has become a threat to their jobs. However, sometimes there are copyright issues on the images produced by AI, and the parent company had to face legal procedures. Also, on the creativity part, humans are good as they can input more thought and make unique images.

5. Copywriting/Email Writing

Copywriting comes under creative writing and that is believed to be done by humans only because AI cannot bring that originality or uniqueness that should be there. However, ChatGPT can write good quality content within a few minutes putting the jobs of copywriters at stake. And if we talk about writing emails, ChatGPT can do that and write a very professional email in seconds. But still, there are conflicting views, because while writing advertisement copies or emails there are many punch lines or creative lines that can only be written by humans. Sometimes AI is also not able to show the exact emotions that one wants to write in the mail thus, making it good news for creative writers who are afraid of losing their jobs in the near future. 

6. Legal Assistants

Legal assistance can be given by AI, yes you read it right, ChatGPT can also help people in courts. Recently in an incident, an AI-powered model was used for fighting a case in court but yes after being fed with a lot of legal information. So, the idea came out that Chatbots can be used by people who are not able to spend a huge amount of amount on the fees of lawyers. Also, the idea seems quite convenient after knowing that the bot of ChatGPT passed the law school exam and even got good grades. But still, the question arises, “Can chatbots defend humans in court?”

7. Market Analyst

Chatbots these days are made to do a lot of things that are done by humans and market analysis is one of them. It can do market research and help the companies to work accordingly. Marketers can use this data to work in routine and use different formulas to gain profit. Also, many companies these days are using ChatGPT for collecting data, identifying various trends, designing an effective marketing campaign, or even advertising. So, it’s not a big thing that in the near future we will see that chatbot taking up the job of a market analyst. 

8. Financial Advisors

According to research, financial analysts, or other jobs related to finance, such as market research analysts, financial advisors, etc. can be affected by AI. It has been seen recently that AI can provide an enormous amount of numeric data that too without any delay. Another feature of AI that can take up the job of a financial advisor is to identify market trends and forecast them in a better way. Also, many companies are preferring ChatGPT over humans as this is a high-paying job, and they can save a lot of money. 

9. Customer Service Agents

This job is already being done by chatbots in many places and is likely to be overtaken by AI very soon. Many companies have put chatbots on the answering machine and ChatGPT is being used to continue this trend. Also, as per research in the year 2022, it has been predicted that chatbots will be the major channel for handling the customer service job. However, chatbots are capable of giving simpler answers but the complex ones still require human handling. So, the answer to this is still unclear whether AI will replace it or not.

10. ProofReader

The last one on the list is a proofreading job which might be replaced by ChatGPT in the near future. If we talk about finding grammatical mistakes and correcting minor things ChatGPT can do that but if you want to rely upon the AI chatbot for correcting the complete paragraph or article, but cannot provide detailed feedback like humans. ChatGPT sometimes does not understand the meaning or basic emotion of the sentence and hence cannot edit it correctly. 


So these were a few jobs that ChatGPT might take over in the near future and the list does not end here, there are many jobs that ChatGPT might assist in. However, AI has made impressive advancements in recent years, still the complete overtake might take up to 5-10 years. Therefore, it is important that we remember that humans can do all the jobs in a better way with creativity and understanding so we must not get afraid of AI and continue our tasks as we are doing. 

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Jobs That Can Be Replaced By ChatGPT – FAQs

Can ChatGPT replace coders?

The answer to this is no, not completely. ChatGPT can produce amazing codes that too, rapidly but still, it cannot replace humans. But yes, humans should be aware that ChatGPT is capable of generating codes and keep in mind that the software engineers will have to give the instructions and describe the actual parameters to generate the computer programs.

What jobs might not be replaced by ChatGPT in the future?

These are the few jobs that might not be replaced by ChatGPT:

  • Politicians
  • Teachers
  • CEOs
  • Singers
  • HR managers
  • Surgeons
  • Spiritual figures
  • Athletes
  • Artists
  • Judges (court)

Can ChatGPT replace project managers?

The tasks of a project manager are to handle a team and project management, along with that they also assign tasks and help the teammates to complete the work. But ChatGPT cannot do any of these things, it can only do the assigned work. Hence, ChatGPT cannot overtake the project managers’ jobs in the near future. 

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