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10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024 (Free and Paid)

Last Updated : 12 Mar, 2024
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ChatGPT is leading the world of chat AI and many people have started incorporating its use into their daily routines, there are always excellent alternatives to explore! This popular chat gpt app leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, allowing users to interact with the AI through questions. No doubt, it is one of the best AI tools, but if you’re looking for something different, there are fantastic alternatives to chatgpt options out there, perhaps even something better than chatgpt.

Leading the chat AI movement, ChatGPT relies on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model and is becoming a part of many people’s daily lives. Users can engage with the AI through questions. For those looking for other options, they can check out the Top 10 alternatives to ChatGPT to find the right fit for their needs.

ChatGPT Alternatives

The introduction of GPT-4, which provides the bot greater power, has only lately made it even better. However, it also had a significant drawback because ChatGPT’s servers were frequently overrun by users. Due to this, its popularity has been rendered by its unreliable for regular use because it is frequently full. The good news is that you can always find ChatGPT alternatives that are just as capable and accessible.

What Exactly is ChatGPT?

The abbreviation ChatGPT stands for Chat-based Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is a strong and sizable GPT-3-based language model that has been trained on billions of words for the internet. ChatGPT can comprehend, react to, and produce text. The user’s input will determine how all of these work. With high levels of intelligence and precision, ChatGPT manages large amounts of data and difficult conversions.

There are a lot of ChatGPT Alternatives that can satisfy your demands, regardless of whether you require strong natural language processing abilities, deep learning capabilities, or a more streamlined, simplified platform. If you want to access the ChatGPT 4 for free then refer to the article – How to Access ChatGPT 4 For Free?

Here are 10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives that You Must Try in 2024:

As AI language models continue to evolve, explore these 10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024 that offer unique features, improved performance, and exciting possibilities. Whether you’re a developer, content creator, or curious user, these alternatives promise fresh perspectives and innovative capabilities. We have mentioned features and pricing, so you can easily find the best fit for your needs. Let’s dive in!

1. Elicit : Free

When you enter a query in Elicit, the app immediately produces a summary of the documents with the highest ratings. Elicit is a research tool that streamlines a researcher’s procedures by using language models like GPT-3. The literature review is currently the main Elicit method.

This is a practical method for understanding information accurately and quickly without jeopardizing the validity of your sources. Elicit is one of the Top 10 ChatGPT Alternatives ai tools that is being largely used by academics to locate relevant publications for citation and to get a sense of possible future research topics making it a valuable chatgpt alternative free option for researchers.

Elicit AI - ChatGPT alternative


  • Elicit is a research assistant that automates some of the operations of academics using language models like GPT-3. 
  • Elicit’s primary procedure is the literature review.
  • If you ask a question, Elicit will display pertinent documents and concise summaries of important details about those documents in a simple table.

Price: Free to use 

2. Rytr

If you’re looking for the best ChatGPT alternate, Rytr is a serious competitor. This advanced ai chatbot like chatgpt allows you to choose from more than 20 personalities and 40 use cases to get the copy you want. It also offers that in its store if you desire responses in tongues other than English. All of the main languages are among the more than 30 languages it can output.

Rytr is an AI that assists in the creation of material for a variety of purposes, including blog entries, social media posts, and advertisements. It even can write song lyrics and is multilingual. Rytr is free, and it produces original, plagiarism-free content.

Rytr AI - ChatGPT alternative


  • Rytr produces content in more than 30 languages
  • Since Rytr allows you to select a tone, you can use it for a variety of activities and companies.
  • It may be used to write blog pieces, make email newsletters, create video scripts, caption social media advertising, and more.

Price: From $9 to $ 29 per month.

3. Bloom 

A conversational AI platform called Bloom enables companies to automate customer support processes and design engaging customer experiences and that’s what makes it among the 10 best ChatGPT alternatives. The platform offers a set of tools for developing, training and deploying AI chatbots that can conduct everyday tasks, respond to consumer questions, and provide suggestions that are unique to them. Bloom enables businesses to increase customer happiness, save time, and streamline support operations by utilizing conversational AI.

Bloom AI - ChatGPT alternative


  • This chatgpt alternative ai tool can produce text in 13 computer languages and 46 native languages.
  • Featuring 176 billion parameters It surpasses the revolutionary GPT-3 language model by a billion parameters.

Price: From $499 to $ 4799 per month

4. PepperType

One of the biggest content-marketing platforms in the world is Pepper Content. It writes headlines and body copy for marketing ads, tweet ideas, product descriptions, and general content and is possibly one of the best of Top 10 ChatGPT Alternatives. is a chat ai tool that enables leverages both artificial intelligence (AI) and the expertise of copywriters to help you produce more successful content. This is achieved by giving you the option to build a library of your favorite writing styles, such as stirring, confident, or straightforward. You decide the topic and the manner and make sure it relates to your subject.

Peppertype AI - Microsoft Bing AI - ChatGPT alternative


  • You can use it to make social media postings, blog posts, articles for your website, product reviews, blog posts for your website, and much more using this chat ai tool. 
  • Using Peppertype, you may produce dozens or even hundreds of articles at once. 

Price: From $35.00 to $199 per month

5. Chatsonic

One of the newest and best ChatGPT alternatives is Chatsonic by Writesonic. Built for engaging in multi-turn dialogues, Chatsonic offers a similar experience to ChatGPT. However, Chatsonic stands out in a few key ways.

Chatsonic leverages its connection with Google to provide the most recent subject results. This is a significant advantage over ChatGPT, whose database only goes through 2021. Chatsonic can give you answers and news about current happenings, keeping you up-to-date.

Chatsonic provides footnotes with sources listed, allowing you to verify the information it feeds you. This transparency sets it apart from ChatGPT.

Another key advantage is that Chatsonic utilizes GPT-4, the newest and most advanced model from OpenAI. This ensures access to the latest advancements in AI for your conversational needs.

Chatsonic - ChatGPT alternative


  • This chat ai tool has many applications and can write and debug code, and generate articles, blogs, songs, and even photos.
  • Due to its API, ChatSonic is simple to incorporate into other applications.
  • It can produce stunning and distinctive visuals.

Price – With the Free Trial plan, you can produce up to 10,000 words each month for free. For $12.67 each month, you can provide up to 47,500 words. 

6. Microsoft Bing : Free

Microsoft announced a new, AI-enhanced version of Bing that uses GPT-4, the most recent and capable language model system from OpenAI and comes under Top 10 ChatGPT Alternative Free option. Web, video, image, and map searches are just a few of the services that Bing offers.

Being one of the most hyped AI-tool and a true ChatGPT alternative aims to work as an advanced online search engine to connect consumers with the most pertinent search results from the internet and to make high-quality information created by web publishers easily accessible.

Microsoft Bing AI - ChatGPT alternative


  • You can ask questions and receive comprehensive, human-like answers from the Bing AI, along with footnotes that refer back to the sources. 
  • The chatbot may also assist you with creative tasks like producing a poem, tale, song, or other kind of creative work.

Price: Free to use 

7. Bard AI : Free

The LaMDA AI platform is being used by Google to create Bard AI, its newest and most creative AI-powered chatbot. It is a conversational AI service built through trial and error that is expected to have a significant impact on the AI industry.

LaMDA is one of those alternatives to ChatGPT that eliminates the limitation of having data confined to a certain year and revolutionizes Bard’s natural language processing skills by enabling it to interpret and respond to human input with better precision. However, compared to ChatGPT, it has certain other features which likely to launch soon.

BARD AI -ChatGPT alternative


  • Gathering data from web sources and client comments to answer questions
  • Gathering feedback to develop the AI system in the future to improve user experiences 
  • Collecting ideas to improve the AI system in the future
  • You can get answers to simple and complex queries on any topic.

Price: Free to use 

8. YouChat – Free

The GPT-3.5 AI model from ChatGPT serves as the foundation for YouChat’s strength. It seamlessly integrates with the search engine on and offers a straightforward user interface. As a result, after submitting a query, it will display websites with similar results and allow you to communicate with the AI chatbot.

This alternative to ChatGPT provides you with responses that are human-like during conversations by utilizing AI and natural language processing (NLP). Your queries on arithmetic, programming, translating, and writing are all answered by the chatbot.

youchat AI - chatgpt alternative


  • Use logical reasoning to solve difficulties.
  • Explains complicated subjects in simple terms.
  • Summarise data from appropriate sources.

Price: Free to use

9. Jasper Chat

A good ChatGPT alternative is the AI authoring tool, Jasper. It was formerly known as Jarvis and is one of the most popular AI writing tools on the market, second only to Writesonic. It is perfect for businesses that need to produce high-quality materials quickly.

Jasper Chat is a brand-new chat interface that makes it easier to produce content quickly. Modern technology makes it easier to provide average results. Jasper, like ChatGPT, uses natural language processing to generate responses that sound human. Jasper even employs OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, which was created by the same AI research company that created ChatGPT. This is one of the best in Top 10 ChatGPT Alternatives.

Jasper - ChatGPT alternative


  • Over 50 copywriting templates are available.
  • Create content in 29 different languages.
  • Get a tonne of new content ideas.
  • The option to edit your material before publishing it

Price: From $40 to $89, but you can also design your plan for a specific cost.

10. Perplexity AI – Free

One of the best ChatGPT alternatives called Perplexity just entered the conversational artificial intelligence market. It offers features similar to ChatGPT, like linguistic responses and content creation. Perplexity AI was launched in August 2022 by a team of AI scientists from OpenAI, Meta, Quora, and Databrick which is a whole new different tool, unlike ChatGPT plugins.

Large language models (OpenAI API) are the main source of strength for Perplexity AI. As it is an open-source AI answer engine from OpenAI, it works similarly to GPT-3 in that it can react to any kind of written instruction. However, compared to developing code or producing prose, this AI is much more concerned with offering solutions.

Perplexity AI


  • The model scourge the internet to find answers to the questions.
  • It display the source of the information by displaying citations.
  • It has a dedicated mobile app and requires no account signup and offers seamless, on-the-go access.

Price: Free to use


The use of ChatGPT has so many diverse applications that it is impossible to be familiar with them all at once. Anyway, Openai ChatGTP also has a wide range of alternatives that can be used if ChatGPT is not working. Besides this,These 10 Best ChatGPT alternatives aim at functioning from language learning and code production to customer service and engagement programs.

ChatGPT Alternatives – FAQs

What are the top ChatGPT Alternatives?

Below are the Top ChatGPT alternatives that you can try for free

  • Perplexity AI
  • Jasper Chat
  • Google BARD
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Bloom

What features does the premium ChatGPT offer?

Paying subscribers to ChatGPT have benefits like 24/7 general access, even during busy periods, quicker response times, and priority access to new functions and enhancements. The company that created ChatGPT, OpenAi, has today announced the release of the premium edition of its popular AI chatbot.

What are the best AI assistants for Android (similar to ChatGPT)?

Android users seeking ChatGPT alternatives have options like Bard for chat and creativity, Jarvis for real-time content creation and translation, Rytr for creative writing, and LaMDA for accuracy and conversation tracking.

What distinguishes ChatGPT-3 from ChatGPT-4?

In comparison to Chat GPT-3, Chat GPT-4 can process eight times as many words. Open AI claims that Chat GPT-4 can process up to 25,000 words at once, which is 8 times as many words as Chat GPT-3 could. This will improve its capacity to handle larger documents, which may greatly increase its effectiveness in some work contexts.

What’s the best alternative to ChatGPT for creative writing?

For creative writing, try Character.AI for characters, Bard for diverse tools, and Jasper Chat for easy templates.

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