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10 ChatGPT Prompts For UI/UX Designers

Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2023
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The power of AI is typically compared with the power of the human brain, but what can be a better trend is to use AI to be better with the brain. Designer or engineer AI can’t replace them because there are multiple scenarios where AI won’t be able to perform, think or produce optimal solutions as compared to what we humans can do.


In this article let’s focus on how and where all places in the design process can use the power of AI The ChatGPT tool to help us get better at design and produce more optimal solutions.

To start with, firstly we’ll look into how ChatGPT can empower design and designers.

How ChatGPT Can Empower Design and Designers?

ChatGPT has a lot of advantages as well as some disadvantages but the exact environment and user requirements will determine how useful it is. It is on us how we want to use it as a resource. While technology can deliver timely and accurate information on a variety of subjects, it may also have trouble comprehending context, make mistakes, and lack the human touch and emotional intelligence of interpersonal interactions.

Advantages of ChatGPT

  • Ample knowledge: ChatGPT has received training on a huge volume of data and can deliver information on a broad range of subjects. It can provide factual data based on research done in the past, which can be used further.
  • Effective Help in Design: As a designer, you can use ChatGPT for several tasks like – Research, idea collection, wireframe, and layout as well as accessibility. 
  • Inspiration: A designer’s creative block can be very demotivating sometimes, but using ChatGPT you can kick-start your thoughts and generate amazing ideas to work on.

In and out it won’t be wrong if we agree on saying that ChatGPT is an amazing built keeping in mind the needs, and opportunities technology can provide to the world. We have amazing opportunities to learn and work more quickly thanks to ChatGPT. It makes the most of modern technology’s advantages to offer a solution that can make engaging with our digitality more meaningful. 

Best ChatGPT Prompts For UI/UX Designers

Prompts are the basic commands in terms of requirements and queries. So, now let’s look into how we can use ChatGPT for UI/UX design to get a better solution:

1. To Generate a UI Design Checklist

It could be a very tedious job to keep a note of all UI design elements which are needed to be included in the website/app. ChatGPT comes in handy when you need to get a quick list of all UI design elements which you can add just by giving a little context of what exactly you are designing. 

With the help of ChaGPT, you as a designer could easily generate a thorough checklist of UI design elements that includes crucial components like task and user flow, accessibility, color scheme, typography, consistency, and usability questions or topics.

Prompt: Create a checklist for UI elements for a perfect [Screen/feature] in a table.


2. To Generate Data For User Research

User research is a crucial part of designs, it acts as a foundation for any project. Good and reliable user research can help designers get exposed to the major pain points and key requirements of their target users. This way designs would be more user-centric and thought-through. Using ChatGPT you can gather enough that would be evident and reliable for you to get started with the work. 

You can gather data such as:

  • Key user pain points
  • Major user requirements
  • Feedback and response data of a particular type of user segment.

Prompt: Point out 5 requirements for [topic] among [type] users.


Similar Prompts:

  • What can be key improvements in [product/screen].
  • What can be major pain points related to [issue/problem].
  • Can you give suggestions on how to improve the design.

3. To Generate User Flows

Suppose you’re working at a fast pace company where you have a lot of responsibilities as a designer and you have been given a short timeline to explore all the user and task flows for a related problem statement. It could be very difficult to come up with all the edgy use cases, and all possible task/user flows. ChatGPT can do this within seconds and you can get an idea of what all can be possible when in the most optimal way. Rest as a designer you can always tweak things the way you want or in the way it is most fitting to the solution you’re approaching towards. You can get an idea of how customers use your product, assisting in locating pain points and ultimately enhancing the user experience as a whole. 

It can also map out the complete user journey including all the possible touchpoints, actions, and goals.

Prompt: Map out the user journey for [Scenario/App]


Similar Prompts

  • Can you create user flow for a [app/website]?
  • List down all actions and screens need to reach [Goal]

4. To Generate User Personas

Not sure how and where to start creating detailed user personas, ChatGPT can help here. From naming personas to getting the right needs, pain points, expectations and conclusion for a problem chatbot can get you all of these. You can easily generate user personas, and obtain insightful knowledge about demographics, actions, and motivations.

If you want more precise details to be shown in personas based on the research that was conducted, you can include that in the prompt too.

Prompt: Create a user persona for an [App/Website]? Represent in a tabular format.


5. To Generate Design Systems For Apps/Websites

If you’re a designer you must be aware of how much patience and effort are needed to build a complete design system, for any app whether it’s a small to-do list application or a complex product like Uber or Myntra. A design system asks for a lot of consistency within elements, and spacing and involves a lot of elements. Using ChatGPT you can also generate a complete design system within seconds without worrying about anything.

You can easily generate a system just for your app that takes into account typography, color schemes, grid layouts, and iconography. If you want anything specifically you can add to the prompt for a more precise and huge design system.

Prompt: Generate a design system for [App], including spacing, color schemes, and typography.


Similar Prompts:

Generate a design system documentation for a [App] Represent in a tabular format with the states like default, clicked, hover, active, focus, and disabled. Describe these states with design token (color, font)

6. To Generate Color and Typography Schemes

Confused with a ton of color and font options, get it fixed with ChatGPT. Just give the context or a brief of what you want to do, any ideas if you and leave it to ChatGPT. You can generate many Amazon color palettes and typography combinations to make your designs stand out in the crowd. 

Beginners generally feel underconfident while choosing colors and fonts, so for them, ChatGPT can be the best fix. Get tailored options for your app/website.

Prompt: Suggest primary, secondary, and tertiary colors for an [App / Website]? Represent in tabular format.


Similar Prompts:

  • Suggest font combinations for an [App / Website]? Represent in tabular format.
  • What can be options for typography and color for an [App / Website]?

7. To Generate Copies For Your App/Websites

Don’t have any dedicated UX writer in your team or company but want to stand out while sending push notifications to your user? ChatGPT can give you tons of ideas and copies based on the context you want. Writing good copies is important to make the right impact, text evokes emotions, and sometimes to make its message more personalized text plays an important role.

Another major requirement for a good UX copy is while translating anything into the native languages, ChatGPT and fix all this within seconds so that you can peacefully focus on the designs. 

Prompt: Generate copy for push notification, targeted to [Audience type].


Similar Prompts:

  • Generate 10 versions of 404 error messages for a [App/Website].
  • Generate [Language] translation for – [Sentence]

8. To Generate Email Replies/Client Proposals/Daily Use Work Templates

Replying to everyone the same thing could be very informal and it doesn’t even make an impact. Designers are known for their creativity but also at the same time if you have to reach out to 100 companies/clients with different needs creativity might be that efficient then. Using ChatGPT, you can prepare a document, email reply, or even personalized client proposals so that you make the right impact.

You can view a lot of templates on ChatGPT and further customize them the way you like. Or maybe sometimes just directly use the one when you don’t feel like thinking over twice to the annoying clients as well!

Prompt: Generate a client proposal email for [Purpose], be precise and limit words to 100.


Similar Prompts:

  • Negotiate with a client who hasn’t paid me the final amount even after delivering the project. Write me a message.
  • Write an email to my manager asking for a quick team meetup.

9. To Generate Questions or Prompts For User Interviews

Want to check whether your app is working right, and you want to be fully prepared? ChatGPT can help you get ready for user interviews like a pro. User interviews are all about asking the right set of questions. Not just the questions but also the user recruiting screener forms as well can be generated using ChatGPT. Users feel very nervous when being interrogated, so as a facilitator, it becomes important to ask the right questions and make the interviewee feel comfortable during the process. ChatGPT lets you discover tips on how to plan your interviews and the ideal questions to ask all in one spot. Improve your user research skills right now.

Using the prompts, you can hit the right spot and get a lot of answers easily. Be precise with the context in which you want to generate the questions. 

Prompt: Generate 5 icebreaker questions for user interviews.


Similar Prompt:

Generate user interview questions for an [Idea/App] focusing on [context/scenario] .

10. To Generate a Design Documentation Report

After wrapping up the designs, now it’s time to do your documentation and make the report including all hows, whens, and where occurred while solving a problem. ChatGPT can be optimally used to generate reports. Documentations and reports are very specific to your project and need a lot of tweaking before making it presentable in front of the stakeholder.

Here is it a good idea to have some references using a lot of different prompts and then make a final presentation as per what suits you the best

Prompt: Generate design documentation report for [app/website]


Generating design documentation report

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To sum up this article, it is right to say that AI has a lot of power which when used in the right way can be very useful. It not only provides easy and fast access to information but also lets the user work more effectively with a lot of ideas in front of them. Computers and machines are all made resources that are created to make life easier. AI and be understood as a designer’s additional tools and powers to boost their productivity and creativity.

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