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Future of Jobs – What You Must Learn?

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Wondering about what to do, so that you can secure your future? What jobs you should be doing in the future to earn a good living? What are the skills that will be in high demand in the future?  

So, after this 10 minute read you will find the answers to all of your questions.  

What we will discuss :

  • Future of jobs
    • By the year 2030
    • By the year 2040
  • What jobs will stay in demand in the future?

It’s been a long time since everybody has got used to this pandemic. Like clothes, masks have also become a part of our life. We were just living our normal lives and suddenly this lockdown happened. There arose a situation where we had to change ourselves, we had to take precautions to ensure safety for ourselves and others. This is what has happened over centuries. Technology has changed, and it is still changing everything at an extremely high rate, which in turn changes the interests of people. We kind of get accustom to the changes because they seem obvious. Actually, we had to shape ourselves according to the environment and need.  

Change is a must and we must embrace it.

But sometimes, the change happens so fast that we just want to go with it rather than thinking about it and controlling its momentum. You see, the very nature of change is to change, or you can say that change must happen for a good but up to a saturation level because after that, it will only cause destruction. This is what will happen with AI. Jobs in the future will be highly affected by the growth of AI.

The above point will prove itself later on when we will be discussing the future of jobs by the year 2040. There we will see the saturation point. So, now let us discuss them one by one.

Future of Jobs

In any corporate sector, jobs are mainly divided into 4 levels :

  • Level 1 – Manufacturer or Worker level
  • Level 2 – Employee level
  • Level 3 – Manager/ Employer/ Research level
  • Level 4 – CEO

Definitely, AI is very useful for us. We have still not reached up to that level where we can use it to solve all our problems, and it can make things possible for us. People showing concerns about the rise of AI are also not wrong because once it crosses the boundary, God knows what will happen. The point is, AI has not developed much (only about 40%) that we need to show concern about it. It will still take around 6 years to reach its saturation level. So, people who are interested in it must develop it to its maximum and after which what they should only care about is to control and manage it.

Now, let us see how AI and automation will affect the above levels.

1. By the year 2030


Level 1: With the exponential growth in AI, chances are more – all the jobs at level 1 will be removed. This level of jobs can easily be done by robots. Then, why the hell company will want to pay anybody for that work. Companies will just make a one-time investment and then robots can do the task much faster and accurately. Those robots can be managed easily by a piece of software. So, all those people working at this level will become jobless and this, in turn, will impact the competition at level 2.

Level 2: This is where there will be a cut-throat competition because this level will become the basis to enter into a corporate world. People have to equip themselves with various skills to increase their selection chances. The number of jobs or vacancies at this level will almost remain the same because many developer jobs like coding will be replaced or get automated by some software and at the same time to manage those software (both at level 1 and 2) we will again need some technical person.

Level 3:– This level is where the company will suffer because it has to select people from level 2 (who will almost become robots) with certain qualities required for this position. For a person to be employed at a manager or research position, he/she needs to have some intelligence or consciousness like EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and must know how to arrange things so as to make the best use out of them.

They also must have good experience working at level 2 to have an understanding of how things are being done and whosoever will get on this level will enjoy his fate and the high pay.  

Level 4: We do not need to talk about this level. It will remain secular always (You know what it takes to become the CEO of a company).

2. By the year 2040

So, if AI goes out of limit or saturation, then it will impose a great impact on level 2 and a little on 3 (the rest of the levels will not be affected). This is what will happen at these levels.

Highly powerful organizations will implement more and more AI due to which the jobs at level 2 will also be gone and replaced by highly developed software. Such high software will require only monitoring and handling which can be done with some technical persons. We need to control AI to not reach this situation.

Disclaimer: The above discussion was just for the corporate sector because this is where the majority of people get employed.

3. What jobs will stay in demand in the future?

Your wait is over now. These are the great jobs or careers which will always be there no matter up to what extent AI will reach.

Jobs that need emotions eg:- Acting, Services at food bars, etc. Because these jobs can not be performed by some robots as they simply lack emotions.

  • Teaching: An inevitable skill that can never be replaced.
  • Doctor and Surgery: AI can help in diagnosis, but it could not perform surgery or treatment.
  • Research in a Particular Field: Surely AI can help with the research, but it could not do the research by itself.
  • Consultancy: Definitely, you will not go for a consultancy from a robot. Will you?
  • Writing: AI can help you in editing and formatting, but it could not imagine.
  • Quantum: The best skill that will be on the peak by 2022 and this is the new chunk of pie where the next billionaire will be created
  • AI: AI itself is a very important skill to learn at least by 2030, till we do not reach its peak. Everybody should know about it and how to control it because it will form the basis of our very future.

There are many more fields (like coding also), which will be in extremely high demand.

  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Space Systems(Space Exploration)
  • VR and AR
  • Biodegradable Materials Etc.

The only thing is, as long as AI remains within the limit every job has a bright future. If you are the best at something then nobody can replace you. But remember, mastering only one skill will not be sufficient in the future. You got to know how to connect everything!!

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Last Updated : 17 Mar, 2021
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