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How to Use ChatGPT 4 For Free?

Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2023
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Ever since ChatGPT was released, it became a roaring success. Be it Ivy League Law examinations or business school assignments; Chat GPT has been subject to all sorts of trials. And, to serve you numbers: statistics show that Chat GPT is attracting an estimated 96 Million users per month. With ChatGPT’s megahit splash, Open AI has recently introduced its latest iteration by the name ‘GPT 4’ that again has become the most-talked-about launch in the tech world.

But wait! 

What is GPT-4? What new features does it have to offer? How to access GPT-4 for free?

This article will be your brief guide for Chat GPT and its latest model – ChatGPT-4.

How to Use ChatGPT 4 For Free


Quick Glance at Chat GPT

We are sure you have had your share of hands-on experience with Chat GPT unless you have been living under a rock. Chat GPT is an interactive AI Chatbot developed by OpenAI. Although it was designed primarily for customer service, it is being used for several other purposes now. Since it generates human-like responses in a decent conversational tone. 

It can be utilized for the following tasks but not limited to:

  • Writing codes
  • Writing a story/poem/narration
  • Write articles and blog posts
  • Provide translations
  • Debug

Chat GPT’s third version (GPT-3) gained massive popularity across the world. However, currently, version 3.5 is hitting the charts without any paid subscriptions.

Chat GPT 4: What’s Fresh?

Released on 14th March 2023, ChatGPT-4 made a heroic entry with all eyes on its advanced features. Unlike the earlier versions of Chat GPT, the new entrant is a Multimodal model that not only processes the text inputs but responds to the image inputs too. That means users can upload images for analysis and receive instant answers.

Here’s what else it brings to the table:

  • Supports up to 25,000 words of text
  • Enhanced Image Analysis
  • More Creative and Diverse Response
  • Improved Support for Multiple Languages
  • Solid Conversational Management
  • Greater Accuracy and Speed
  • Enhanced Context Awareness
  • Improved Abilities in Response to Narrative Construction

However, everything in the world comes with limitations. During the launch event, Open AI remarked that GPT-4 has problems with social biases, hallucinations, and adversarial prompts, which the company promises to improve in a future model of the chatbot.

How to Access Chat GPT 4?

The only direct way to utilize the advanced chatbot is to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus or to join the waitlist to get an API. The common pricing for subscribing to the premium features of the chatbot is $20/month. However, if you plan to join the waitlist, you have to purchase tokens. All it requires is a Chat GPT login to go along on the waitlist. 

The pricing for the token is as follows:

Option 1: Pay $0.03 to receive 1000 prompt tokens with 8k content length
Or Pay $0.06 to receive 1000 sampled tokens with 8k content length

Option 2: Pay $0.06 to receive 1000 prompt tokens with 32k content length
Or Pay $ 0.12 to receive 1000 sampled tokens with 32k content length

How to use Chat GPT 4 for Free?

While most people don’t want to invest even a penny in accessing the latest GPT-4 features, some cannot afford the paid subscriptions. Whatever the case, we have a hack that will let you dive in and utilize the highly talked about features of GPT-4.

Hack #1: Use ChatGPT-4 for Free on Bing

Microsoft has invested in ChatGPT, and now their chatbot is powered by the latest version of the model- GPT-4. Here’s how you can use Chat GPT 4 for free.

Step 1: Install the latest version of Microsoft Edge on your PC/laptop.

Step 2: Go to the official site of Bing using the link

Use ChatGPT-4 for Free on Bing


Step 3: Tap ‘Start Chatting’ to begin your GPT-4 spree.

Tap ‘Start Chatting’ to begin your GPT-4 spree


If you are steered to the Sign-in page, enter your credentials to start using Bing.

What if you are using another browser? In that case, you must install Bing Extension on your browser. Once you finish, start following Step 2 to enjoy GPT-4 powered Bing chat.  

Hack #2: Use ChatGPT-4 for Free on Hugging Face

GitHub’s AI community ‘Hugging Face’ has introduced a free Chat GPT 4 chatbot for free. It will let you have the benefit of getting your queries answered without using an API key. However, owing to excess traffic on the site, you might have to wait in the queue or even wait for minutes to get the response. Follow the steps below to access Chat GPT 4 for free through Hugging Face.

Step 1: Visit the site using

Use ChatGPT-4 for free on Hugging Face


Step 2: Type your queries in the console and click ‘Run.’ 

GPT-4 is an advanced step in the tech world. It comes with multifold benefits that make the user’s task easy and efficient. However, caution must be practiced at all costs while entering any information that’s sensitive or personal. Furthermore, the overdependence on AI models may act as a slow poison for the human brain. Come what may, don’t forget to use the greatest gift that you have- your brain!

Hack #3: Use ChatGPT-4 for Free on

You thought there were only 2 hacks? Well, there’s more to come. The next hack is through the web platform called which is used to quickly build LLM apps in a shareable chat interface. Through this web platform, you can use ChatGPT-4 for free and there’s no message limit here. Unlike Hugging Face, there’s no queue or waiting time, so you can use this without any problem. 

Step 1: Open the web platform here –

Use ChatGPT-4 for Free on


Step 2: Sign in through your email and start using ChatGPT-4 for free.

Step 3: Ask question directly through the interface.

Ask Your Question to ChatGPT-4 Through


Hack #4: Use ChatGPT 4 For Free on

Nat Friedman, the ex-CEO of GitHub has launched a tool that can compare various LLM models around the world. To use chatgpt-4 for free, you can simply compare the tool with other tools or use it individually. However, there’s a limit of 10 queries/day. So, make sure to use it wisely. 

Step 1: Go to and sign up with your email address and phone number. 

use chatgpt-4 using for free


Step 2:  After signing up, go to the setting in the right panel and change the “Model” to “gpt-4”. Keep everything in default till you figured the platform out.

use chatgpt 4 using - 2


Step 3: Hit the ‘Playground’ tab and ask your questions for free.

use chatgpt-4 for free - 5


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FAQs – Access ChatGPT-4 For Free

1. What kind of answers can Chat GPT 4 give? 

This multimodal offering by Open AI has promised a variety of responses to its users. GPT-4 is expected to answer questions ranging from sarcasm & humor to complex & technical tasks. Moreover, it can also provide creative writing prompts, product recommendations, tailored responses based on user history, captioning, and image analysis, to name a few.

2. In what industries Chat GPT 4 can be used?

The benefits of Chat GPT 4 can be employed in almost all industries. Originally developed for customer service, the chatbot can now be used in industries like healthcare, finance, education, engineering, etc. Since it is believed to become the next Google (with improved accuracy and other features), it will most likely cause human job displacement.

3.  Can I use Chat GPT 4 on my phone?

Yes, you can use Chat GPT-4 as long as you have subscribed to the paid version. The mobile version application will allow you to do everything that you do on your computer. However, if you are considering not spending bucks on the subscription, you can access the Microsoft Bing chatbot through iOS, Android Bing, Edge, and Skype applications. In case it doesn’t work for you, continue utilizing Chat GPT 3.5 version on your phone.

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