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10 Best Ways Youtubers Can Use ChatGPT

Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2023
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With the rise of the generative AI trend, many humans feel accomplished meanwhile others feel threatened by this creation. Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence concept that can generate new content by simply acting or analyzing the existing data. Today the world has an inventive open AI product named chatGPT which can do many more things than a normal chatbot has ever done. It on its own generate any kind of content required by the users. If we can use this technology smartly we will have very prosperous results in every field required.

How Youtubers Can Use ChatGPT


What is ChatGPT?

With the rise of artificial intelligence and generative AI, the world can be seen as a new perspective concerning the technology in future. ChatGPT is a creation of open AI, which is a type of chatbot, that uses its existing data present in the network to generate new content that will be written by chatGPT itself. What shocks us is how well-written, organized, and flawless the data is generated by chatGPT, making it one of the best innovations of 2022. All you have to do is type what data you want and chatGPT will on its own keep generating content that will be very well-written and beautifully presented to you.

From writing lyrics of a song to writing poems to writing a technical article on its own, it is versatile in every nature. But with every excellent invention comes a scary factor which is the threatening nature it presents to replace humans for work generated by AI. Hence to prevent this from happening we can use these inventions as smartly as possible. One of the ways is how we can use AI creatively and smartly to help YouTubers generate content overall. 

Best Ways To Use ChatGPT

YouTubers daily have various no. of tasks to perform which are as follows-

  • Creating content regularly
  • Monitor analytics
  • Generating relevant keywords
  • Create catchy videos to grab the viewers’ attention
  • Optimize video for SEO
  • Keep note of your competitors
  • Daily interaction with audience and subscribers
  • Sharing the videos to create more engagement and views

Keep a note of every task is quite a handful for many YouTubers. Hence we can use ChatGPT creatively to help YouTubers generate innovative content. Here are the 10 best ways in which YouTubers can use ChatGPT  to enhance their work –

1. To Ask For Video Ideas 

One of the tasksYouTubers is to generate videos on a daily basis. There are times when humans can be out of ideas for times like this chatGPT can come to your aid by providing you with creative video ideas that are trendy and are the requirement of our youth. 

2. To Generate The Script of The Videos

Not only you can create video ideas but you can also generate the script of your videos using chatGPT.The script is the content of the youtube video. The more interesting the script will be, the more attention the viewers will have to your content. All you have to do is write the significant prompt and you will be able to generate the script within a few seconds.

3. To Suggest Editing In Required Places

There are times when you require advice for video editing. This helps young YouTubers to get the required advice for their editing and also helps you in editing at times. You can also generate various animation features without the requirement of editing using ChatGPT.

4. Giving The Idea of Thumbnails For Required Video

A thumbnail is one of the most important factors in youtube videos. It grabs the attention of the viewers and helps the video to achieve views to achieve popularity in trends. Hence better the thumbnail, the more attractive will be the video seen, and the more trendy will the video be.

5. To Generate Innovative Title Ideas

The more catchy the title will be, the more viewers will be attracted. A title in short describes the content you have in the video in the most creative way possible in not more than 20 words. If the title is interesting, the viewers will think the same about the content of the video and hence will have positive reactions towards it. You can generate innovative title ideas using ChatGPT as well.

6. To Create an Audio Design

Many young YouTubers face problems regarding audio effects and audio design as it is quite tricky to find a perfect audio effect at the required place. Hence audio effect plays an important factor in showcasing and presenting the content of our video. By using the correct prompt you can also ask ChatGPT to present you with various audio that can fit within the content and background. 

7. To Generate Creative Ways For Marketing and Promotion

With correct marketing strategies, we can achieve great excellence in the popularity of any video. Marketing and promotion is a task that requires planning and a lot of creativity in the right sense. ChatGPT can provide many such creative ways in which you can promote your videos.

8. To Help You Research For Various Video Content

There are times when you choose tricky content, content that requires a lot of research and knowledge to present it to your audience. The richer the content analysis the more it will be able to attract today’s youth. Hence it requires a heavy amount of research which is possible using chatGPT, all you have to do is ask chatGPT to provide every result regarding the topic.

9. Creating Timestamps For The Videos

as it provides you with the timespan of every content generated in videos, which at times is a job of headache. Using chatGPT you can generate timestamps for your videos all you need is the transcript of your videos and you can simply create timestamps using the correct prompt in ChatGPT.

10. Generating Your YouTube Description By Using Transcript

Youtube description contains a short summary of the video that helps the viewer access the content of the whole video and analyze the important factor present in the videos. Using a transcript you can generate a youtube description by simply asking chatGPT to provide you with the summary of the given transcript.

Using the necessary and right  prompt you will be able to do all of these task as a youtuber using chatGPT which will save your ample amount of time and will provide you with a professionalized set of youtube contents that will help you in becoming a talented youtuber.


The entire world is aware of the amount of innovation the chatGPT holds. It will act as your coworker that helps you analyze your work accordingly and hence is the best feature. You can see just how advanced chatGPT is if it can help a YouTuber in every task required. Hence it also possesses the ability to do the job of YouTubers on its own, making this invention seems scary. Not only that but it also takes away a human mentality to think innovatively by making you depend on chatGPT.Hence it is said that if this technology is used wisely will bring a good change in your work.

FAQs – How Youtubers Can Use ChatGPT

Q1. Is Using ChatGPT As a New YouTuber a Good Thing To Do?

A statement contains both its positive and negative aspects. Using chatGPT you can surely become a great YouTuber as it has some features that can help you as a newcomer. But you must learn to do this thing on your own too as depending too much on this will make you dependent on chatGPT for every aspect and vanishes your ability to think and make decisions accordingly.

Q2. How Can I Use ChatGPT In a Way That Will Help Me Generate Professional Content?

The whole article gives you a brief on this. You can use chatGPT to find and create content ideas, titles, scripts, timestamps, animations, create catchy thumbnails, etc. All you have to do is type a prompt and the chatGPT will generate everything for you in the most formal and beautiful way possible.

Q3. How To Generate The Timestamp of a Video Using ChatGPT?     

You can generate timestamps of youtube videos using chatGPT.Your first requirement will be a transcript of the video, using which you can write the prompt as follows in chatGPT – “Create key moments from this video transcript include the key time chapter, in the beginning, starting with 0.00 .” Copy your transcript after this and the ChatGPT will generate the whole timestamp on its own in only a few seconds.

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