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IoT Home Automation

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 05 Jul, 2021
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In this article, we will discuss the overview of IoT home automation. And will focus on smart lighting, smart appliances, intrusion detection, smoke/gas detector, etc. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Overview :

  • Home automation is constructing automation for a domestic, mentioned as a sensible home or smart house. In the IoT home automation ecosystem, you can control your devices like light, fan, TV, etc. 
  • A domestic automation system can monitor and/or manage home attributes adore lighting, climate, enjoyment systems, and appliances. It is very helpful to control your home devices. 
  • It’s going to in addition incorporates domestic security such as access management and alarm systems. Once it coupled with the internet, domestic gadgets are a very important constituent of the Internet of Things.
  • A domestic automation system usually connects controlled devices to a central hub or gateway. 
  • The program for control of the system makes use of both wall-mounted terminals, tablet or desktop computers, a smartphone ​application, or an online interface that may even be approachable off-site through the Internet.

Smart Home Components :
Here, you will see the smart home components like smart lighting, smart appliances, intrusion detection, smoke/gas detector, etc. So, let’s discuss it.

Component-1 :
Smart Lighting –

  • Smart lighting for home helps in saving energy by adapting the life to the ambient condition and switching on/off or dimming the light when needed.
  • Smart lighting solutions for homes achieve energy saving by sensing the human movements and their environments and controlling the lights accordingly.

Component-2 :
Smart Appliances –

  • Smart appliances with the management are here and also provide status information to the users remotely.
  • Smart washer/dryer can be controlled remotely and notify when the washing and drying are complete.
  • Smart refrigerators can keep track of the item store and send updates to the users when an item is low on stock.

Component-3 :
Intrusion Detection –

  • Home intrusion detection systems use security cameras and sensors to detect intrusion and raise alerts.
  • Alert can we inform of an SMS or an email sent to the user.
  • Advanced systems can even send detailed alerts such as an image shoot or short video clips.

Component-4 :
Smoke/gas detectors –

  • Smoke detectors are installed in homes and buildings to detect smoke that is typically an early sign of Fire.
  • It uses optical detection, ionization for Air sampling techniques to detect smoke.
  • Gas detectors can detect the presence of harmful gases such as CO, LPG, etc.
  • It can raise alerts in the human voice describing where the problem is.
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