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Project Title: Home of Things – An android app dedicated to the society.

Introduction: An Android application which allows the user to read news regarding NGOs and also can donate and claim donated items. This app provides the following features:-

  1. Provides a news reading platform regarding NGO’s activities.
  2. Provides a donate section which allows the donor to donate what he/she want to.
  3. Provides a claim section which allows any user to claim the products donated for free(can search by pin code ).
  4. Also provides a section for NGOs to aware them about the donated products to distribute them in their organizations.

How a donor can contribute?

  1. First he/she has to give his/her details like name, address, pincode.
  2. Then to select the section of items what he wants to donate.
  3. In case if the item which he wants to donate is not provided in the section, he/she should select “Others” section.
  4. And finally a little description about the product.

How will this help in NGOs?

  • There is a section provided in this app called “NGO” in action bar.
  • By clicking this section, a summary of all the items in our database is provided so that they can decide that the stock of products is enough to take or not.
  • If they want to take it, they have to send a request to us through email
    ( button and details is provided in the app itself ) .
  • When their email is verified, they will receive the details of donated products

Platform for reading current news related to NGO:

  • While opening this app, a user can read all the latest news related to NGO’s activity happening in our country.
  • They can also refresh the content to be always updated

How one can claim the products?

  1. First one has to sign in through google account.
  2. Then refresh the list of the donated product and search items through pincode.
  3. Then click the item and claim it.
  4. But he/she has to take the claimed item from the donor within 24 hours.
  5. Address is provided in the list.
  6. And only one thing can be claimed within 24 hours.

Tools used:

  • Android studio.
  • Google firebase for database and authentication purpose.
  • News api by for this application.

Github link of the project:

Video link: Link to see the demonstration of this app.

Note: This project idea is contributed by Alok Bharti for ProGeek Cup 2.0- A project competition by GeeksforGeeks.

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