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Difference between IoT and M2M

Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2022
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1. Internet of Things : IOT is known as the Internet of Things where things are said to be the communicating devices that can interact with each other using a communication media. Usually every day some new devices are being integrated which uses IoT devices for its function. These devices use various sensors and actuators for sending and receiving data over the internet. It is an ecosystem where the devices share data through a communication media known as the internet or Iot is an ecosystem of connected physical object that are accessible through internet. Iot means anything which can be connected to internet and can be controlled or monitored using internet from smart devices or  PC.

2. Machine to Machine : This is commonly known as Machine to machine communication. It is a concept where two or more than two machines communicate with each other without human interaction using a wired or wireless mechanism. M2M is an technology that helps the devices to connect between devices without using internet. M2M communications offer several applications such as security, tracking and tracing, manufacturing and facility management. 

M2M is also named as  Machine Type Communication (MTC) in 3GPP ( 3rd Generation Partnership Project). 

M2M is communication could carried over mobile networks, for ex- GSM-GPRS, CDMA EVDO Networks . 

In M2M communication, the role of mobile networks is largely confined to server as a transport networks.

M2M is only subset of IoT . 

Difference between IoT and M2M :

Basis of IoT M2M
Abbreviation Internet of Things Machine to Machine
Intelligence Devices have objects that are responsible for decision making Some degree of intelligence is observed in this.
Connection type used The connection is via Network and using various communication types. The connection is a point to point
Communication protocol used Internet protocols are used such as HTTP, FTP, and Telnet. Traditional protocols and communication technology techniques are used
Data Sharing Data is shared between other applications that are used to improve the end-user experience. Data is shared with only the communicating parties.
Internet Internet connection is required for communication Devices are not dependent on the Internet.
Type of Communication It supports cloud communication It supports point-to-point communication.
Computer System Involves the usage of both Hardware and Software. Mostly hardware-based technology
Scope A large number of devices yet scope is large. Limited Scope for devices.
Business Type used Business 2 Business(B2B) and Business 2 Consumer(B2C) Business 2 Business (B2B)
Open API support Supports Open API integrations. There is no support for Open APIs
It requires  Generic commodity devices. Specialized device solutions.
Centric  Information and service centric  Communication and device centric.
Approach used Horizontal enabler approach  Vertical system solution approach .
Components  Devices/sensors, connectivity, data processing, user interface  Device, area networks, gateway, Application server.
Examples Smart wearables, Big Data and Cloud, etc. Sensors, Data and Information, etc.

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