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Complementary Relationship Between Cloud Computing and IOT

Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2019
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An IoT platform is a multi-layer technology that enables straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of connected devices within the Internet of Things. It basically connects your hardware, to the cloud by using flexible connectivity options, and broad data processing powers. For developers, an IoT platform provides a set of ready-to-use features that greatly speed up the development of applications for connected devices as well as take care of scalability and cross-device compatibility. Developers, business managers can benefit from the applications of the Internet of Things(IoT). There is a number of cloud services available for the internet of things like Amazon Web Service IoT Platform, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, IBM Watson IoT Platform, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle.

In business and software industry we are always suffering from Troubleshooting, Traffic on the website due to server failure, etc. Cloud computing, as well as IoT, work towards increasing the efficiency of everyday tasks and both have a complementary relationship. On one hand, IoT generates lots of data while on the other hand, cloud computing paves the way for this data to travel. Both IoT and Cloud Computing are used to increase productivity in our everyday tasks. It offers scalability in the delivery of enterprise applications and Software as a Service (SaaS). Cloud Computing also provides the facility of good collaboration. The IoT companies can allocate the resources in different areas by simply storing the data in the Cloud.

Cloud Computing is basically a platform over a cloud to store data, software, applications and any storage things over the internet. In the present age, everything is based on the internet so for a store such huge amount of data we need Storage, Cloud platforms provide these services it is not only used for storage but also use for online gaming applications i.e. we can play online games. Some real-life examples of Cloud tools are google drive, google photos, Dropbox, etc. IoT’s role in harnessing mobility is immense. However, its prowess would be incomplete without security. Cloud has made IoT more secure with the preventive, detective and corrective controls. It has enabled users with strong security measures by providing effective authentication and encryption protocols. With the help of biometrics, IoT products can easily manage and secure the identity of the users. All of this is possible because of the cloud’s security.

Let me explain in a simple language. A smartwatch is not just smart because it has sensors but because it helps you make smart decisions about your health. You need to understand the depth to which IoT can help make our lives easier. From the moment you wake up in the morning to catching a flight on time IoT is there to help you make the right decisions.

Now coming to Cloud Computing, it provides the ability to utilize the computing and storage powers of a computer without having it physically present in your study room or office. Consider you have a set of 500 sensors established in a private organization in a city which is used to measure all types of data like Pollution, Earthquake, etc. Now consider that such data is generated by 100 cities and hence a lot of computing power is needed to process this information. So here, the role of Cloud Computing comes into the picture.

So you can say that IoT devices are used to collect the data and that data is processed in the cloud. Hence the data collected through IoT devices is stored and processed on Cloud. Based on the processing and learning of that data, a decision is detected.

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