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IBM Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Round 1: It was an elimination round in which we played 5 brainstorming games. You complete one game and will be prompted to another. Out of 800, only 119 got selected for the next round.

Round 2: It was a coding round consisted two questions. One was pattern question and another was SQL. The platform they use was hacker-rank so make sure you’re familiar with it.

I don’t remember how many got selected from this round.

Round 3: It was again coding round consisted four questions. Two were pattern problems of hard level. And two questions were of SQL.

This round was proctored. And only 9 students were selected for interview round.

Round 4: It was Technical + HR round. There were two panelists asking questions one-by-one.

  • They first introduce themselves then asked me to introduce myself.
  • HR asked some scenarios based questions like “suppose you’re in a team and one team member is not completing his/her work what will you do as a team member?”, “You’re assigned in a project you know nothing about, what will you do?“, etc such questions. He asked me around 4 such questions.
  • Then both panelists asked me about my projects. I repeat the same both the time.
  • Resume-based questions and about my current project.
  • What difficulties I encountered in my previous round.
  • At last, I asked them one question.

After 4 days they announced the results. The whole procedure took one week.

Tips –

  • Practice coding questions and make sure you’re familiar with the coding platform companies are using.
  • Be confident(everyone will advice you the same and believe me they aren’t lying).
  • My interviewers were friendly. I also made them laugh at my one answer.
  • Make sure you answer every question even you know a little about it just say it, don’t be mute.
  • Read about company before the interview so that you can brag about it there.
  • Don’t be nervous. Keep a smile on your face the whole time even if you’re going through trauma!
  • That’s it. Don’t worry things will fall in place soon.
Last Updated : 20 Oct, 2021
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