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IBM Interview Experience | On-Campus 2019

  • Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2019

Round 1: Gaming Round

It consists of 5 games. Basically, this round was to check the aptitude.

2 games were for checking arithmetical calculations.

1 game was for image rotation, water and mirror images.

1 game was image forming puzzle.

1 game was taking ball from source to destination after removing hurdles.

Round 2: Personality Assessment.

In this 2 situations were given you have to click on agree or slightly agree to either one.

Round 3: Grammar Check.

  1. Spot the mistake in a sentence.
  2. Click on the right spelling.

Round 4: Coding.

This consist 1 code and 5 objective questions related to technical knowledge.

Coding Question: reverse the string such that  ” This is a coding question for reversing a string” to “Tihs is a cnidog qoitseun for rnisreveg a snirtg”.

Round 5: Interview.

  1. Have you attended any campus selection?
  2. What projects did you work on?

Then few hr questions.

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