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IBM Interview Experience for Internship+FTE (On-Campus 2020)

Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2020
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Interviews are virtual and on webex

Round 1: It consisted of 5 games. 

  • First one was similar to Dijkstra’s algo. One ball(blue) will be there at one vertex, and we have to move it to the destination edge with minimum cost. There will be some obstacles(red balls) also we have to move that one to move the right ball(blue ball). 
  • Second one was there will be some pieces of different shapes, and we can rotate it by 90,180 and so on. We have to arrange those pieces by rotating to fir it in a given area.  
  • Third game was there will be a given grid with some pieces inside it. We have to make the same grid using the given pieces and rotating it if necessary. 
  • The fourth game was there will be a number on screen and bubbles will appear and it consists of some mathematical expression on it, if the result of the expression matches the number given on the screen you have to click on that bubble, each bubble will have its lifetime of some seconds. You have to click on as many bubbles as you can and the correct one gives you some points. 
  • The fifth game is there will be two parts on the screen, each part contains some numbers, we have to add those numbers and have to tell which part is the maximum.

Round 2: Online coding round in hackerrank platform(Same day)

There are two coding questions. The first one was a very big one consisted of some tax calculations and all. I was able to pass only 3/10 test cases. The second one was an SQL query which I passed all test cases.

Round 3: Technical Interview(After two days)

  • First, he asked me to tell me about myself.
  • Normalisation and normal forms in depth
  • How a server works
  • Some basics of NodeJS (As I mentioned in resume)
  • How a c code executes, the entire process
  • Where all header files are stored
  • He asked some linux commands like how to find a file without knowing the directory
  • He asked me to impletent the file searching algorithm which works for both Windows and Linux. He asked me to tell the classes and the java features that I use for the same

Round 4: Technical Interview(After one day)

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Which is your favourate subject. I said Data Structures
  • He asked me to implement a Linear Queue. At first, I used an array to implement. Then he asked me the size of the array is fixed so tell me the way you overcome this problem without implementing the Circular queue. Then I told him we can use Linkedlist as a Queue to overcome this problem.
  • What are memory leak and memory corruption?
  • Polymorphism in detail.
  • Exception handling in java
  • OSI layers.
  • Application layer protocols.
  • Why so many protocols are needed in the Transport layer.
  • If we are sending a packet what are the essential things we have to include in that packet. (ex. IP address Port Number)
  • Basics of SSH and Socket programming
  • What is a process how do you bring the program to the RAM (OS questions)

Round 5: HR Interview(Same day of round 4)

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Strengths and weakness
  • How do you work with a teammate who does not know the technical knowledge that is required for the current project?
  • They told me about the project that the intern is going to work on, they also told me some concepts that are required for the internship.

On the same day evening, I got a call from IBM, and they told me I got selected for the cloud integration team. I was the only one who got selected in my college.

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