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Interview happened at Zomato Media Private Limited Gurgaon office. Only 1 round happened. 1- first question was implement shuffle method for music player such that… Read More
Round 1: 1. Basics of Elasticsearch and how did you use it in your current company project, as i had mentioned it in my skills.… Read More
Test • 8 MCQs (based on classes, OOPs, output questions, time complexity, DBMS, OS) • A question which was based on finding the sum of… Read More
1st Round (ftf) SQL Queries k nearest points from origin Reverse an int reverse a float LRU Cache 2nd Round (ftf)  Design a CSRF (Security… Read More
1) A lot of question around image compression and color reduction (One of my projects was on it.) 2) https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/detect-and-remove-loop-in-a-linked-list/ (proof of hare tortoise algo… Read More
Given two line segments (p1, q1) and (p2, q2), find if the given line segments intersect with each other. Before we discuss solution, let us… Read More