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Accenture Interview Experience for Advance Application Engineer (AEH summer Intern 2022)

Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2023
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Accenture | Advance Application Engineer | AEH summer intern | 2022 (On campus)

Eligibility: All Branches, CGPA 6.5+, 65% in boards.

Online Test :

Round 1: Aptitude & Cognitive Ability

It was on Accenture’s own platform powered by hirepro. The test was proctored through camera and sound. The round was 90 mins. It was an elimination round. It was completely aptitude like

  • English comprehension: paragraph questions suggest the title, synonyms, antonyms, correct the sentence, etc.
  • Mathematical aptitude: finding sequences, work problems, etc.
  • Family relations
  • Logical questions
  •  pseudo-code: some pseudo code was given and output was to be found out. It majorly consisted of unary operations and binary operations inside loops.

The result was displayed within 5-10 mins of completion.

After the result was displayed I was directed toward the coding round

Round 2: Coding round

It consisted of 2 questions to be completed in 45 mins.

The result after this was not immediately announced but we had to give a speaking and listening assessment.

Round 3: Speaking and Listening Assessment

This round was a non-elimination round, It consisted of speaking and listening tests.

Interviews :

Round 1 :

The interview was held on Accenture’s own platform. We had the flexibility to choose the interview slot.

The interviewer introduced herself and asked for my introduction. Later she started questioning on my resume. I mentioned some react projects due which she asked me basic react questions;

  1. XML, JSX
  2. React state
  3. Props
  4. Events

Then she went on with behavioral questions.

  • Why do you want to enter an IT carrier being from a non-circuit background?
  • How would you survive among your CS, IT mates?
  • What will you do if you fail in the IT domain?
  •  Will you be able to return to the non-tech domain if you fail in the IT domain?

She seemed satisfied with the answers and then she asked for any questions from my side. The interview lasted only for 20-25 mins and there was no round after this.

Overall it was easy for those who are preparing general DSA topics.

Verdict: Selected

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