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MAQ Software Interview Experience | Set 8 (Off Campus for Software Engineer-1)

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First Round (Technical Round on Skype (45 minutes )
Q1-some Questions from my resume.
Q2-Program for Factorial and how to calculate factorials of large numbers.
Q3-Detect a loop in linked list and find the middle node in linked list.
Q4-Given a stream of number which are added to the array A[]. find the middle element of the stream.
Q5-What is indexing and hashing in DBMS.
Q6-Interface in Java.
Q7-Difference between Abstraction and Encapsulation.
Q8-Multithreading in Java.

Second Round Techincal on Skpye (1:30 Hour)
Q1-Find the common element in three sorted arrays. optimized approach.
Q2-Project Discussion and limitations of the project(First Project).and how you will handle the limitations.
Q3-Given 100 balls in which one ball is also have a balance tell minimum number of steps to find the defective ball.
Q4- Write the complexity of the Above puzzle & generalize it for n balls.
Q5-Given an linked list find the nth element from the last node.
Q6-What is deadlock.what are the conditions for occurring deadlock.
Q7-What is Semaphore? Types of semaphore.
Q8-What are joins in SQl.Difference between left outer join and right outer join?
Q9-write Three commands for DDL,DML,DCL?
Q10-What is Transaction in DBMS and also tell the ACID properties?
Q11-What is RollBack & savepoint in Transactions.
Q12-you have given a employee table in which you have their salary and employee name.
     Write a query to find the nth highest salary and the employee name.

Third Round Skype ( 1:30 Hour)
Q1-Project Discussion Summery Generator using probabilistic model in deep.What was your role in the project.What are the advantages of the project.
Q2-Why did you used probabilistic model? why did you not used Vector space model.
Q3-On Which technology you have worked till now?
Q4-Given a series (6+6*4+6*4*4+6*4*4*4+….so on). write a code to find the nth term of the series.
Q5-Tower of Hanoi Problem & time complexity.
Q6-What is polymorphism? type of polymorphism.
Q7-Static Keyword in c++.
Q8-Final keyword in java.
Q9-What is constructor and types of constructor.
Q10-Life Cycle of a Applet in Java beacuse i had used java applets in my project GUI.
Q11-what is Function Overloadig & function overriding and virtual functions.

Fourth Round Skpye (30 minutes)
Q1-Tell me about yourself?
Q2-Tell me your strength and weekness.
Q3-Family background?
Q4-why do you want to join?

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Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2019
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