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A blockchain is a decentralized, public ledger for recording transactions and securing the network. In order to access data on a blockchain, one must first… Read More
Blockchain Technology is a leading one of the most secure technology which is used to facilitate transactions and track assets in business networks. An asset… Read More
In the field of blockchain, blocks serve as the building blocks of its structure. Blocks convey the transactions of all the previous blocks in the… Read More
This article focusses on discussing the differences between Off-chain, Side Chain, and State Channel Blockchain. What is Off-chain? On a cryptocurrency network, transactions that shift… Read More
Burn and minting equilibrium is a situation where the new block creation rate equals the block destruction rate. In this situation, the total supply of… Read More
Blockchain is a technology that is being used in more and more businesses around the world, from financial services to healthcare. It offers a level… Read More
Blockchain Apps are distributed software programs that deliver valuable services. Unlike traditional centralized software, apps cannot be forcibly stopped or shut down because they do… Read More
Ethereum is the distributed blockchain network of computers running software that can verify blocks and transactions. The software is known as a client that must… Read More
Blockchain and Hashgraph are similar technologies that are used to store transactional data. Both are distributed ledger technologies. The article focuses on discussing the difference… Read More
The article focuses on discussing the Membership Service Providers (MSP), what they’re used for within Hyperledger, and how they benefit companies in Hyperledger’s network. The… Read More
In blockchain terminologies, we often come across a term called a mempool. A mempool or a memory pool is basically a waiting area for pending… Read More
DoS attacks are designed to exploit the vulnerabilities in the system. For example, by sending more traffic than the network card can handle or overwhelming… Read More
Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows the storage of data in blocks of information, with each block containing batches of transactions from one… Read More
Blockchain is a list of blocks. Each block comprises some information associated with some hash. Blockchain is used nowadays widely for transactions. It is an… Read More
The article focuses on discussing the following topics of Byzantine Generals Problem in Blockchain: What is Byzantine General’s Problem? Money and Byzantine General’s Problem How… Read More

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