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In QuickSort, ideal situation is when median is always chosen as pivot as this results in minimum time. In this article, Merge Sort Tree is… Read More
If one uses straight two-way merge sort algorithm to sort the following elements in ascending order: 20, 47, 15, 8, 9, 4, 40, 30, 12,… Read More
Functions are one of the building blocks of any programming language and JavaScript has taken the Functions to a whole new level. Functions are said… Read More
sar : System Activity Report  It can be used to monitor Linux system’s resources like CPU usage, Memory utilization, I/O devices consumption, Network monitoring, Disk… Read More
In Javascript(ES6), there are four ways to test equality which are listed below: Using ‘==’ operator Using ‘===’ operator SameValueZero: used mainly in sets, maps… Read More
Introduction to Stream, Java Intstream, Java Longstream, Java Doublestream anyMatch() noneMatch() mapToLong() findAny() forEachOrdered() forEach() allMatch() filter() findFirst() flatMapToInt() mapToInt() map() peek() counting() Iterator() Generate()… Read More
Reason: To Ensure Backward Compatibility What is Backward Compatibility? Backward compatibility is a term used to describe software or hardware that is compatible with previous… Read More
The levenshtein() function is an inbuilt function in PHP. The levenshtein() function is used to calculate the levenshtein distance between two strings. The Levenshtein distance… Read More
In our previous post on fibonacci series, we have seen many approaches to generate fibonacci numbers. In this approach, we shall be generating fibonacci numbers… Read More
Given a number num containing n digits. The problem is to find the next greater number using the same set of digits in num on… Read More
A lexical analyzer uses the following patterns to recognize three tokens T1, T2, and T3 over the alphabet {a,b,c}. T1: a?(b∣c)*a T2: b?(a∣c)*b T3: c?(b∣a)*c… Read More
Let G be a simple undirected graph. Let TD be a depth first search tree of G. Let TB be a breadth first search tree… Read More
Tejas Networks held an hiring drive in our college for software developer . Branches allowed only CS-IT since it is particulary a bangalore based networking… Read More
Most important day for any GATE aspirant is the D-day, the day of GATE exam. The day, for which you all have been working so… Read More
We would like to thank our sponsor GeeksforGeeks – A Computer Science Portal for giving us opportunity to successfully organise various events for past few… Read More
Below mentioned is the python 3 program to print the double sided stair case pattern. Examples: Input : 10 Output : * * * *… Read More
Given an array of unsorted positive integer, sort the given array using the Socket programming . Examples: Input : 4 5 6 1 8 2… Read More
Hash Function is a function which has a huge role in making a System Secure as it converts normal data given to it as an… Read More
The t test (also called Student’s T Test) compares two averages (means) and tells if they are different from each other. The t-test also tells… Read More
This article, discusses about the various toolkits to make a GUI Application in Python3. It is easy to start programming a GUI application after gaining… Read More