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Difference between IGRP and BGP

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1. Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP): 
IGRP, in which uses distance vector protocol (interior) to exchange data within a system. It supports multiple metrics for each node which includes delay, load, and bandwidth, to compare the 2 routes which are combined into single metrics. The port number for IGRP is 9 which is used for communication and by default every 90 seconds it updates the routing information. 

2. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP): 
In BGP, the Transmission control protocol is used. It is a type of mesh topology or design. It works by two independent networks (Autonomous Systems or AS) exchanging routing information. The two routers agree to exchange information about how to reach certain IP-ranges. BGP uses Transmission control protocol (TCP) port 179. 

Difference between IGRP and BGP :

1.IGRP Stands For Interior Gateway Routing protocol.BGP stands for Border Gateway Protocol.
2.It was developed by Cisco in the 1980s. It was developed by Yakov Rekhter of IBM and Kirk Lougheed of Cisco in the year 1989.
3.It works on the Bellman-Ford algorithm.It works on the Best path algorithm.
4.It is basically used for larger size organizations.It is basically used for very larger size organizations as compared to IGRP.
5.It is a Distance Vector type.It is a Vector State type.
6.It is an internal gateway protocol.It is an external gateway protocol.
7.It is an intelligent routing protocol.It is a more intelligent routing protocol than IGRP.
8.In IGRP, Internet protocol is used.In BGP, the Transmission control protocol is used.
9.Its administrative distance is 100.Its administrative distances are 20 (Internal) and 200 (External).
10.Usage- Routers use this protocol for the purpose of exchanging routing data within an autonomous system.Usage- It aims to exchange routing information using the internet between Autonomous Systems (AS). Network Prefix Announcements are used as a way of communication between BGP speakers who are known as peers.

Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2022
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