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Private IP Addresses in Networking

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Private IP Addresses are those addresses that work within the local network. This article will detail the concept of Private IP Addresses in networking.

These addresses are non-routable on the Internet. The address is basically assigned by the network router to your particular device. The unique private IP address is provided to every device which is on the same network. In this way, devices communicate with one another on the same network without connecting to the entire Internet.

In this way, Private IP addresses are able to provide more security within a particular network. The private IP address cannot be seen on the Internet, unlike the public IP address. Only devices within the local network are able to see the address of one another.

Private IP address exists within the specific ranges as reserved by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Following are the address ranges of private IP addresses: 

  • In Class A, the address range assigned to Private IP Address: to
  • In Class B, the address range assigned to Private IP Address: to
  • In Class C, the address range assigned to Private IP Address: to

The range except assigned to Private IP Address is used to assign Public IP Address on a network as public IP addresses are unique for each device on the Internet. Therefore, private networks can use these address ranges for allocating private IP addresses in a specific network.  Private IP addresses can be reused on another network which is not possible with Public IP addresses.

Private IP Addresses


 Functions of Private IP Address 

Sr. No. Parameter Private IP Address
1.  Scope It is assigned locally within a specific network.
2.  Communication It is used by devices to communicate with one another on the same network.
3.  Assigned By It is assigned by the  LAN administrator or network operator.
4. Cost Private IP Address is free of cost.
5. Reused Private IP addresses can be reused by the devices on another network.
6. How to find it? The ifconfig command is used to search your Private IP address.
7. Range

The reserved address range for different classes is as follows:

  • Class A- to
  •  Class B- to
  •  Class C- to
8. Example Example of Private IP Address - 
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Last Updated : 19 May, 2022
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