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Difference between DOS and DDOS attack

Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2022
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1. DOS Attack is a denial of service attack, in this attack a computer sends a massive amount of traffic to a victim’s computer and shuts it down. Dos attack is an online attack that is used to make the website unavailable for its users when done on a website. This attack makes the server of a website that is connected to the internet by sending a large number of traffic to it. 

2. DDOS Attack means distributed denial of service in this attack dos attacks are done from many different locations using many systems.

Difference between DOS and DDOS attacks:

DOS Stands for Denial of service attack. DDOS Stands for Distributed Denial of service attack.
In Dos attack single system targets the victim system. In DDoS multiple systems attacks the victims system..
Victim PC is loaded from the packet of data sent from a single location. Victim PC is loaded from the packet of data sent from Multiple location.
Dos attack is slower as compared to DDoS. DDoS attack is faster than Dos Attack.
Can be blocked easily as only one system is used. It is difficult to block this attack as multiple devices are sending packets and attacking from multiple locations.
In DOS Attack only single device is used with DOS Attack tools. In DDoS attack,The volumeBots are used to attack at the same time.
DOS Attacks are Easy to trace. DDOS Attacks are Difficult to trace.
Volume of traffic in the Dos attack is less as compared to DDos. DDoS attacks allow the attacker to send massive volumes of traffic to the victim network.
Types of DOS Attacks are: 1. Buffer overflow attacks 2. Ping of Death or ICMP flood 3. Teardrop Attack 4. Flooding Attack Types of DDOS Attacks are: 1. Volumetric Attacks 2. Fragmentation Attacks 3. Application Layer Attacks 4. Protocol Attack.

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