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Difference between C++ and Objective C

  • Last Updated : 21 Dec, 2021

1. C++ :
C++ or CPP is a general-purpose statically typed object-oriented programming language. In 1979, a Danish computer scientist named Bjarne Stroustrup wanted to make an extension to C that would allow it to use classes. This seed has expanded since then and had become one of the most used and well-known language all over the world. It’s built for pretty much everything except the web. Moreover, C++ has features such as namespace, references, templates, implicit method  overloading and it is being successfully used by Evernote, LinkedIn, Microsoft, opera, NASA, Facebook etc.

Advantages of C++ :

  • C++ has the features like polymorphism, data encapsulation, etc.
  • It’s an object-orientated programming language.
  • Low-level language while also being easier to learn.
  • Has unions and structures
  • More portable
  • Gives the user full access over the memory
  • Scalability

Disadvantages of C++ :

  • Control over the memory makes the code prone to errors.
  • Memory leakage
  • Doesn’t have garbage memory collector
  • No support for the built-in thread feature
  • In web, it is hard to debug

2. Objective C :
Objective-C is a general purpose, object-oriented programming language which adds  syntax and semantics of object-oriented language and it behaves like a superset of C programming language. It also supports cross-platform application, and it was lately influenced by small talk and C programming language. Objective-C is reflective, more focused on classes and was designed by Brad Cox and Tom Love in a company named Stepstone and first appeared in the year 1984. Now being used as a general-purpose object-oriented programming language by Apple in its operating system and APIs.

Advantages of Objective C :

  • It’s an approved & well-tested language
  • Highly stable
  • Provides support for previous version
  • Easier integration with Private API’s
  • Compatible with C++

Disadvantages of Objective C :

  • Harder to learn
  • Small community and few developers
  • Explicit pointers


Difference between C++ and Objective C :




01.C++ is a general purpose, middle level, object-oriented and procedural programming language. It was also known as “C with Classes”. It is an extension of C programming language.Objective-C is a general purpose, object-oriented programming language which adds  syntax and semantics that allows for an object-oriented language and behaves like a superset of C programming language. 
02.In 1980, it was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at bell laboratories.In 1980, it was developed by  Brad Cox and Tom Love at company Productivity Products International (PPI).
03.It supports multiple inheritance.It does not support multiple inheritance.
04.In C++, Structs and classes are treated as same.In Objective C, Structs and classes are not treated as same.
05.In C++, to call the implemented functionalities, methods are used.In Objective C, to call the implemented functionalities, messaging are used.
06.It is static typed language.It is dynamic typed language.
07.It uses true, false and bool.It uses YES and NO and BOOL.
08.It has Standard Template Library.It lacks template libraries.
09.Companies using C++ are Evernote, LinkedIn, Opera, Microsoft, NASA, and Facebook etc.Companies using Objective C are Uber, Pinterest, Instagram, Slack, Instacart etc.


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