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Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Automation

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Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence(AI) can be defined as the collection of different technologies that allow the machine to act at the human level of intelligence. This process required learning from past experiences and self-correction to make a certain decision and to reach a certain conclusion. 

Automation: Automation is designed as something which runs itself with little or no human interaction by some specific patterns and rules to perform repetitive tasks. Automation is used every day and everywhere in life. Automation is widely used in E-Commerce, Banking, the Telecommunication industry, etc. For Example:- When we book an appointment with the doctor and receive an email/message before our appointment, this is like an automated response. 


Below is a table of differences between Artificial Intelligence and Automation: 

S. No.Artificial IntelligenceAutomation
1.AI makes a decision based on the learning from experience & information it receives.Automation is like pre-set and self-running to perform specific tasks.
2.AI is a system that helps experts to analyze situations and arrive at a certain conclusion.Automation is a kind of machine programmed to carry out a routine job.
3.AI is for non-repetitive tasks.While Automation is for repetitive tasks based on commands and rules.
4.AI involves learning and evolving.Automation does not involve learning and evolving.
5.AI interacts with humans and it learns from experience and compares the situations and then works according to them.While Automation has no interaction with humans and it works on instructions.
6.It is possible for AI systems to “understand” data.An automated system collects data.
7.A computer is capable of thinking on its own once it has learned how to perform every AI activity. To exemplify, Amazon selects the item most suitable to your taste from its million products based on what the system thinks would be the best course of action.It follows your instructions exactly; no decisions are made by it.


Speech Recognition
Machine Learning
Ride-sharing apps like Uber 
OK Google, Apple’s Siri
Product recommendations, and more.


Automated waste management
Automated retail
Form auto-filling
Customer support, and more.

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Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2022
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