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Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

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  • Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2022
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Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is based on human insights that can be decided in a way that can machine can effortlessly actualize the tasks, from the basic to those that are indeed more complex. The reason for manufactured insights is learning, problem-solving, reasoning, and perception. 

This term may be connected to any machines which show related to a human intellect such as examination and decision-making and increments the efficiency. 

AI covers assignments like robotics, control systems, face recognition, scheduling, data mining, and numerous others. 

Human Intelligence: Human intelligence or the behavior of the human being has come from past experiences and the doings based upon situation, and environment. And it is completely based upon the ability to change his/her surroundings through knowledge which we gained. 

It gives diverse sorts of information. It can provide data on things related to a particular aptitude and knowledge, which can be another human subject, or, within the case of locators and spies, diplomatic data which they had to get to. So, after concluding all it can give data on interpersonal connections and arrange of interest. 

Below is a table of differences between Artificial intelligence and Human intelligence: 

S. No.FeatureArtificial IntelligenceHuman Intelligence
1.EmergenceAI is an advancement made by human insights; its early improvement is credited to Norbert Weiner who theorized on criticism mechanisms.On the other hand, human creatures are made with the intrinsic capacity to think, reason, review, etc.
2.NatureArtificial intelligence (AI) strives to build machines that can mimic human behavior and carry out human-like tasks.Human intelligence seeks to adapt to new situations by combining a variety of cognitive processes. 
3.StateMachines are digital. The human brain is analogous.
4.FunctionAI-powered machines rely on input of data and instructions.Humans use their brains’ memory, processing power, and cognitive abilities.
5.Pace/Rate of AI and humanAs compared to people, computers can handle more data at a speedier rate. For occurrence, in the event that the human intellect can solve a math problem in 5 minutes, AI can solve 10 problems in a minute.In terms of speed, humans cannot beat the speed of AI or machines.
6.Learning abilityAs machines are unable to reason abstractly or draw conclusions from the past. They can only acquire knowledge through information and frequent training, but they will never develop a human-specific thinking process.Learning from various events and prior experiences is the foundation of human intelligence. 
7.Decision MakingAI is profoundly objective in choice making because it analyzes based on absolutely accumulated data.Human choices may be affected by subjective components which are not based on figures alone.
8.PerfectionAI frequently produces precise comes about because its capacities are based on a set of modified rules.For human insights, there’s more often than not room for “human error” as certain subtle elements may be missed at one point or the other.
9.Energy ConsumptionThe modern computer generally uses 2 watts of energy.On the other hand, human brains uses about 25 watts
10.Modification of AI and HumanAI takes much more time to adjust to unused changes.Human insights can be adaptable in reaction to the changes in their environment. This makes individuals able to memorize and ace different skills.
11.VersatilityAI can as it were perform fewer assignments at the same time as a framework can as it were learn duties one at a time.The human judgment skills underpin multitasking as proven by differing and concurrent roles.
12.Social NetworkingAI has not aced the capacity to choose up on related social and enthusiastic cues.On the other hand, as social creatures, people are much way better at social interaction since they can prepare theoretical data, have self-awareness, and are delicate to others’ feelings.
13.TaskIt does optimization of the system. It cannot be creative or innovative as humans can only think and machines cannot.It is innovative or creative.
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