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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual )

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  • Last Updated : 27 Nov, 2020
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Deutsche Bank visited our campus  for full time. Due to the covid pandemic, the whole interview process was on Microsoft Teams. It consisted of total 5 rounds:

  1. Online coding test
  2. Technical Interview 1
  3. Technical Interview 2
  4. Pro-fit Managerial
  5. HR

Online Coding Test(Round 1): There were 3 questions of medium-hard difficulty level. The test was conducted on hackerrank and it was of total 90 minutes. 

Technical Interview 1(Round 2): 

  • The first question they asked me was to explain the B+ tree, insertion, deletion operation and respective time complexity.
  • Next was a coding question, question was like there is a very big file containing text.  I was supposed to write full code to find the location where any of the permutations of a combination of vowels (a, e, i, o, u) is present. Eg. “ae”, “eio”, “oia”, “aeio” … etc.
  • After that interviewer asked me some basic concepts related to OS, OOPS. In OS questions were like what is paging, virtual memory, threads, demand paging.
  • In OOPS interviewer asked me about inheritance, diamond problem, polymorphism.
  • This round went for around 60-70 mins.

Technical Interview 2(Round 3): This was like a pure coding round. The interviewer checked my fundamentals of data structures. 

  • He started with the question tell me about yourself.
  • Then he gave some coding problems on the array, strings, linked list: insertion, deletion, and how to detect loops in them.
  • Then he asked me SQL queries like finding 2nd highest, nth highest marks, normalization, joins, the difference between Union and Union all.
  • He asked me about my projects. I did my projects on Machine Learning and also web development, so he asked questions about it.
  • This round went for around 90 mins.

Pro-fit Managerial (Round 4):  

  • The round started with the question tell me about yourself.
  • He then asked me about my projects which I did in an internship, how was my experience working in the company.
  • He asked me some OOPS concepts like the difference between function overloading and function overriding, virtual class, polymorphism, and its type. He asked me to write code as well for all these concepts. So focusing on examples is also important while learning these concepts.
  • He then gave me a question where he wanted to make me a system like Aadhar card(UIDAI). He asked me to design a user identity system that can uniquely identify each and every individual in the country.
  • After that, he gave me a situation based question. He asked me that you know the project will fail terribly if you go with the team lead’s way, you have got your way which will work for sure but the team leader is not listening to you. You don’t have time to experiment with various ideas. So, how will you handle this situation?
  • At last, he also discussed a bit about my achievements and the round lasted for around 50-60 mins.

HR round (Round 5): This was like a rapid-fire question round. HR was a very senior person from the company. He asked a bit about my family background, would I love to lead a team, my hobbies, achievements, technology interests, 5 must-have qualities to start a company, he also asked if I was placed in another company. 

This round went for around 10-15 mins. Interview rounds from 2-5 happened in just one day.

So, this was my interview experience. Hope it helps 🙂    

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