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Create a Windows EC2 Instance and Connect Using RDP

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud. EC2 is an on-demand computing service on the AWS cloud platform. Under computing, it includes all the services a computing device can offer to you along with the flexibility of a virtual environment. In this article, we will see how to create an EC2 instance on AWS and how we can access that instance using RDP applications.  

Creating an EC2 Instance:

Step 1 – Search for EC2 in Services.

Launch Instance Button


Step 2 – Click on Launch Instance.


Step 3 – Now we will fill in the configurations for creating an EC2 Instance. Give a name to your Instance or remain its default. Then select the Windows AMI (Amazon machine Image). We are selecting Microsoft Windows server 2022 base.

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Base


Now select the Instance type.

Selecting the Instance Type


Select the key pair or create your own by clicking on Create new Key pair.  

Allowing RDP traffic


In the Network setting, make sure RDP traffic is allowed.


 Set your storage up to your need. Now we are ready to launch our instance by clicking on Launch Instance on the right side.

Launch Instance Button


After some time your instance will be ready and in next step, we are ready to connect with our EC2 instance using RDP Client application.

Step 4 – The First download and install RDP client app to your instance list, select your instance and click on Connect. There are three ways to connect to the instance, click on RDP Client.

Download remote desktop file button


Now click on Download remote desktop file.


We also need a password to connect for that, click on Get Password and browse your key pair and click on Decrypt Password. After this, your password will be shown on the screen, copy it and save it somewhere.

Password and Username


Now double-click on the remote desktop file you downloaded earlier. Paste the password and press Continue. (If your RDP connection client application asks you for a username, type Administrator.)


You are connected to your Windows server.

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