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Complete Interview Preparation For Product and Service Based Companies

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Needless to say, a complete and effective interview preparation strategy is comprised of all the 360-degree aspects whether it be quality & optimized learning resources, proper guidance, adequate practicing & regular assessments, or any other. However, when an individual, especially a beginner or college student starts preparing for an interview – he/she often comes across numerous challenges like where to prepare, what subjects to cover, how to practice, etc.

But GeeksforGeeks has got a solution for this problem of all the candidates and has come up with an enriching Complete Interview Preparation Course where you will get almost every resource that you require for the placement preparation. Whether you’re looking for any Product-Based Company like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc., or a Service-Based Company like TCS, Infosys, Mindtree, etc., or even a startup company, the course will make you ready to nail all the interviews.


Why Should You Opt For a CIP Course?

The GeeksforGeeks Complete Interview Preparation Course will help the students to connect with the interview pattern of tech companies and then prepare accordingly to crack the dream job.  

Most of the time, individuals make the mistake that they concentrate on a few topics or subjects and somehow ignoring the other ones while preparing for placements. The major reason behind this is the lack of guidance and also, unavailability of the resources that cover the entire curriculum.  

The GeeksforGeeks Complete Interview Preparation course is a one-stop solution for the students and working professionals that consists of every single requirement of yours for placement preparation in a single place.

In addition, several other worthwhile features of this course are:  

  • 200+ algorithmic coding problems
  • Track-based learning + Weekly assessment tests
  • Premium Lecture videos by Mr. Sandeep Jain (CEO & Founder, GeeksforGeeks) and other industry experts
  • Subject-wise Theoretical content + Objective Questions designed by subject experts.
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Access to the GeeksforGeeks Jobs Portal + Internship Opportunities at GeeksforGeeks
  • Dedicated TAs for the Doubt Assistance (Optional)

How to Get ‘Doubt Assistance’ Feature?

Yes, the course comes up with an optional Doubt Assistance feature. We know that many individuals, especially students while preparing out for the interview come up with numerous questions in their minds, and to get cleared of these doubts at that time is very much necessary for an efficient and effective learning process. So what we have done for you is – while registering for the Complete Interview Course, if you want to get the dedicated TAs (the finest doubt assistance facility) to solve your every single doubt, you simply can add on this feature along with the course by paying some additional bare minimum price. And the Doubt Assistance facility will be valid for the complete 1 year from the registration date.

Free Access to ‘Get Hired Premium’

To get prepared for the interviews is not sufficient alone, but you’re also required to get adequate interview opportunities based on your skillset and preferences. You won’t believe it, but there are many candidates who despite having the required tech skills or academic background don’t get worthwhile interview opportunities. So, to resolve this major challenge, along with the Complete Interview Preparation Course we’re providing free access to the ‘Get Hired Premium’ at GeeksforGeeks Job Portal from where you can get aware of numerous worthwhile active job opportunities in various tech companies and can apply for the same as well from the portal itself without any cost. Let us tell you that more than 200 Companies are listed at GeeksforGeeks Job Portal and the available job opportunities are from Fresher Level to the Experience Level of up to 10 years.

What Content Does the Complete Interview Preparation Course Offer?

The content for the Complete Interview Preparation Course is designed in such a way that it prepares you for all the required subjects and skills for placements like whether it be Computer Science Core Subjects or any Programming Language or Reasoning & Aptitude, and any other. In addition, you get various assessment tests and practice questions to level up your interview preparation game. Let’s take a detailed look at the subjects and the respective topics that will be covered in this Complete Interview Preparation Course:

1. Programming Languages:

The course will start by giving you a thorough understanding of two programming languages: Java and C++. You will get to know all the programming fundamentals like Introduction and Basic I/O, Variables, Operators, Loops, Arrays, Strings, etc. with some advanced concepts like Dynamic Memory Allocation, Exception Handling, Smart Pointers, and others.  

2. Object-Oriented Programming:

Then, you will get to learn and master the Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) concepts. You’ll learn about Classes and Objects, Inheritance and Polymorphism, Overloading and Overriding, Abstraction and Encapsulation, Access Modifiers, static, final, this and super keywords, Interfaces in Java, etc.  

3. Libraries:

Going ahead, you will learn the libraries (C++ STL / Java Collection) in detail with practical implementation. Also, you’ll get to solve various practice problems to strengthen your knowledge of each concept.  

4. Data Structures & Algorithms (Basic to Advanced Level)

Now, come to one of the most crucial areas for tech interviews i.e., Data Structures & Algorithms. You’ll get to learn DSA in this course from the basic to the advanced level. The basic level includes topics like Analysis of Algorithms, Searching & Sorting, Linked List, Stack, Queue, Tree, BST, Heap, Arrays, Hashing, etc. Meanwhile, the advanced level includes topics like Recursion, Greedy Algorithm, BackTracking, Dynamic Programming, Segment Tree, Trie, and many others.  

5. Core Computer Science Subjects – Operating System, Computer Networks, and DBMS

In a tech interview, you’re also asked several questions based on these core CS subjects – Operating System, Computer Networks, and DBMS. Hence, this Complete Interview Preparation course prepares you for these subjects and teaches you all the required and relevant concepts in the most efficient and interesting way.  

  • Operating Systems: Operating System and its Types, Multiprogramming, Multiprocessing, Multithreading, Process Management & Scheduling, Process Synchronization, Deadlock, Memory Management, and Virtual Memory
  • Database Management System: Introduction to DBMS, Architectures, ER Model, Relational Model, Keys in Relational Model, Database Normalization, Normal Forms, Concurrency Control, Indexing in Database, B+ Tree Introduction, and SQL
  • Computer Networks: Introduction to Computer Networks, TCP/IP vs OSI Model, Circuit Switching vs Packet Switching, Flow Control Protocols, IP and Classful Addressing, Classless Addressing, Routing Protocols, ARP & DHCP, Transport Layer, TCP & UDP, and Application Layer

Note: You’ll also be provided with frequently asked Subject Wise Interview Questions that will help you to get familiar with the interview questions & environment to get better results.

6. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Concepts with Case Studies  

Moving further, you’ll get to learn Object-Oriented Analysis and Design concepts including Introduction to Object and Classes, Software Development Process, UML & its importance, Class Diagrams & Object Diagrams, Use-case Diagrams, etc. ​along with various case studies like:

  • BookMyShow: Movie ticket booking application
  • MyFlipCart: Complete e-commerce application
  • ParkingLot: Automated Solution for Parking-Lots
  • BlackJack: Most popular card game in casinos
  • Chess Game
  • Live Cricket Commentary System

7. Aptitude and Reasoning

Lastly, you’ll get to learn and master Aptitude and Reasoning skills as it plays a crucial role in the screening round of almost every tech interview.

  • Quantitative Analysis: Area, Average, Fractions & Decimals, Divisibility Tests, HCF & LCM, Height & Distance, Number System, Percentage, Profit, Loss & Discounts, Ratio & Proportion, Sequence & Series, Squares & Cubes, Volumes, Boat & Streams, Calendar & Clock, Logarithm, Time & Work, Trains, Partnership, etc.
  • Logical Reasoning: Introduction, Data Sufficiency, Data Interpretation, Blood Relations, Sequence and Series, Direction Test, Mathematical Operations, Syllogism
  • Verbal Reasoning & Aptitude: Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Section, Vocabulary Reasoning Section, Basics of Grammar, Active/Passive Voice, Closet Tests, Passage Information, Sentence Completion, Subject-Verb & Agreement, Determiners & Modifiers, Parallel Structure, Error Spotting, Para Jumbles, and Verbal Analogies.

8. Resume Building

Some Stats and Testimonials

You need to know that, till now, more than 20,000 individuals (including both – students and working) have registered themselves for the GeeksforGeeks Complete Interview Preparation course. And the course has benefitted these people a lot by landing them their dream job in renowned product-based and service-based companies like Amazon, Oracle, Dell, Qualcomm, Zoho, etc. You can check out some of the testimonials below:  

You are just a click away to begin the journey to your Dream Job. Register now for the Complete Interview Preparation Course asap!!

Whether you're preparing for your first job interview or aiming to upskill in this ever-evolving tech landscape, GeeksforGeeks Courses are your key to success. We provide top-quality content at affordable prices, all geared towards accelerating your growth in a time-bound manner. Join the millions we've already empowered, and we're here to do the same for you. Don't miss out - check it out now!

Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2023
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