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A Must Do Interview Preparation Course by GeeksforGeeks

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In Software Engineering roles there are mainly two domains of people preparing for interviews: 

  1. Freshers
  2. Working Professionals

GeeksforGeeks brings the Complete Interview Preparation Course designed for both working professionals as well as students to prepare for tech interviews.


Let’s try to figure out the problems each of these two groups face when it comes to the interview preparation: 

  • Freshers or Students: In general, freshers lack the experience of attending interviews. They are not well aware of the interview pattern and process. They struggle to find out what to prepare, which subjects or skills are important, how to prepare, etc.
  • Working Professionals: They have prior experience in attending interviews. What they don’t have is enough time to plan things up, to figure out a perfect set of questions to practice, to research about the recent changes in the interview process, and many other things which are a crucial part of the interview process.

In other words, when we compare these two groups of people who are preparing for interviews, anyone can say that the people falling in the second category (Working Professionals) have comparatively less time to prepare than freshers or college students as they are already in some jobs with fixed timings.

How does this course solve the above problems? 

Let’s get to know how this Complete Interview Preparation Course resolves all the above-discussed problems or challenges:

1. Get All the Required Preparation Resources at Single Place

The Complete Interview Preparation Course is designed in such a way that you won’t need to go anywhere else for the interview preparation process – the course fulfills every single requirement of yours for placement preparation whether it be premium lectures, theory, practice tests, assessment tests, or any other. Also, the course is comprised of all the relevant subjects and skills required for the tech interviews like Computer Science Core Subjects, Programming Language, Data Structures & Algorithms, Reasoning & Aptitude, etc.

2. Optimized Quality Content

The optimized quality content is very much necessary for efficient and effective interview preparation. In particular, for the working professionals, who often don’t have that much time to go through every single topic or subject in detail – all they require is a concise, optimized, and quality learning resource like this Complete Interview Preparation Course that can help them to get completely prepared for the interview efficiently. Let us tell you that this Complete Interview Preparation Course is extensively curated in such a manner that it supports a smart learning approach and as we all know that not every subject holds the same weightage in the interview, the course is designed while keeping this factor also in mind.

3. Year-Wise Weekly Plan

After opting for this Complete Interview Preparation Course, candidates (especially freshers or college students) aren’t required to worry about the preparation plan and concerns like “how to get started with this CIP course”, “how many hours a day should I give for this course”, etc. as a year-wise weekly plan will also be provided for all the individuals. For instance, final year college students will get their own weekly plan or third-year students will have their own, and so on…!!

4. Doubt-Assistance Facility

We know that candidates while preparing out for the interview often come up with numerous questions in their minds and to get cleared of these doubts at that time is very much necessary for an efficient and effective learning process. So, while registering for the Complete Interview Course, if you want to get the finest doubt assistance facility as well (dedicated TAs) to solve your every single doubt, you simply can add on this feature along with the course by paying some additional bare minimum price. And yes, the Doubt Assistance facility will be valid for the complete 1 year from the registration date.

Your interview preparation would not feel like an uphill task now! Why? With our Complete Interview Preparation Course, your next SDE interview will be a smooth ride. You can learn various CS theory concepts with 200+ coding problems to handle the interview questions of your desired job. Get premium lectures, theoretical resources, practice tracks, and much more. You are just a click away to begin the journey to your Dream Job. Register now for the Complete Interview Preparation Course asap!!

Important details about the Course

  • Course Duration: There is not any fixed duration for the course. However, as this course comprises more than 150+ hours of video lectures, a dedicated geek can complete the course in 3-4 months of duration.
  • Course Fees: This course is originally priced at INR 9,999, but it is available at an offer price of INR 6,999. Also, if you want to add on the doubt assistance facility in this course, you’ll be required to pay an additional amount of INR 2,999 only.
  • Course Validity: The Course Content, Videos & practice content comes with lifetime validity.
Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2023
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