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The preparation for acing a tech interview starts with a complete and worthwhile roadmap or preparation plan. It is quite obvious that until and unless you won’t know what to prepare, where to prepare, what subjects hold more weightage, etc. – you can’t get prepared for any tech interview. Here, we’re going to provide you with the required preparation plan along with the respective quality learning resources to make your interview preparation journey a bit convenient and easier! Let’s take a look at the detailed roadmap to prepare for the tech interviews:


1. Programming Languages

You need to know that, during interviews, companies usually don’t require you to have proficiency with any particular programming language – hence you can pick out any of the worthwhile programming languages as per your preferences to get your programming fundamentals cleared.

FREE Courses – Check out the enriching courses provided below to learn your favorite Programming Language and that too, without spending a single penny:

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You can also check out the below-mentioned articles to clear all your doubts and queries:

2. Data Structures & Algorithms

Data Structures and Algorithms can be considered as the most important weapon that you need to add to your arsenal to prepare for the interview battle. Almost every renowned tech company emphasizes more on candidates’ DSA skills during the interviews. Get your DSA concepts cleared with the help of the below-mentioned tutorials and practice sets:

Data Structures:


Along with these above-mentioned DSA tutorials and practice sets, if you want some additional learning resources to level up your DSA skills then no worries as GeeksforGeeks provides you with several most worthwhile and enriching courses for Data Structures & Algorithms that will help you to master DSA skills to crack the interviews of top-notch companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, etc.

3. Core Computer Science Subjects

Moving ahead, you need to get yourself prepared for core CS Subjects like Operating Systems, Computer Networks, and Database Management Systems as you are often asked several questions in the interviews based on these subjects. The organized tutorials for each core CS subject are provided below:

Course Link: OS DBMS CN for SDE Interview Preparation

4. Interview Experience

Afterward, you’re recommended to go through the relevant interview experiences of numerous candidates for your preferred company whether it be Amazon, Google, Facebook, or any other. It will surely help you to get some crucial insights to ace in your upcoming interview. For instance, you will get to know what are those important topics from which the particular company asks the questions in almost their every interview or how many interview rounds are usually conducted or what additional skills they look for in the candidates, etc. and can prepare yourself accordingly.

5. Aptitude and Reasoning

Furthermore, you need to know that most of the tech interviews conduct a screening round first that is concerned with the Aptitude and Reasoning Test before moving to the actual technical interview rounds. Hence, you’re also required to prepare yourself with Aptitude & Reasoning questions to ace in your upcoming interviews. Other than that, questions based on Verbal Ability (English) can also be asked.

You can also explore GeeksforGeeks Complete Interview Preparation Course that prepares you with all the above-mentioned areas required for a tech interview like programming languages, Data Structures & Algorithms, core computer science subjects, etc. along with aptitude & reasoning in a single place. This Complete Interview Preparation course is particularly designed for the Pre-final/Final year Students and Working Professionals to help them out in landing their dream job.

In this course, you’ll be provided with premium lectures, theory notes, practice tracks, assessment tests, and various other resources required for placement preparation, and that too within the most affordable prices. 

6. Work on Required Soft Skills, Resume Building, and HR Round

While preparing out for a tech interview, along with core technical skills, you’re also required to enhance the relevant soft and analytical skills to get an edge over other candidates. Also, it would be more beneficial if you create a professional and enriching resume and prepare yourself well with the general questions asked during the HR Round.

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HR Round Questions:

7. Learn System Design (Both Low Level and High Level)

System Design is Important because it gives the necessary data and information about the system and its related components in sync with the architecture design of an entire application.

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Check out the Premium Interview Preparation Courses provided by GeeksforGeeks below:  

In addition, you can make use of GFG Job Portal to get aware of the ravishing job opportunities in numerous renowned tech companies and can apply also for these opportunities from the portal itself without any cost. Undoubtedly, if you’ll get prepared with all the above-mentioned areas for a tech interview then you will surely get into your dream job!!

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Last Updated : 03 Jun, 2022
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