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In mathematics, there are situations where we try to represent a problem in the form of mathematical symbols and mathematical expressions. For this purpose, we… Read More
Quadrilaterals are encountered everywhere in life, every square rectangle, any shape with four sides is a quadrilateral. We know, three non-collinear points make a triangle.… Read More
Triangle is the simplest form of a Polygon. The word “Tri” means three and therefore a figure with 3 angles is a triangle, and It… Read More
Irrational Numbers are the numbers that can not be expressed in the form of p/q where p and q are integers and q does not… Read More
Algebraic Identities are some of the fundamental concepts of algebra which lay the foundation of the complete stream of mathematics. They are very useful for… Read More
A rhombus is a quadrilateral with all four sides equal and opposite sides parallel to each other, also its opposite angles are equal. Any rhombus… Read More
Congruence of triangles is the property of two triangles in which all three corresponding sides and corresponding angles are equal. Two triangles are said to… Read More
Parallelogram is a  quadrilateral in which opposite sides are parallel and congruent and the opposite angles are equal. A parallelogram is formed by the intersection… Read More
Angle Sum Property of a Triangle is the special property of a triangle that is used to find the value of an unknown angle in… Read More
Heron’s Formula is a very popular formula for finding the area of a triangle when the three sides are given. This formula was given by… Read More
Mean, Median and Mode are measures of the central tendency. These values are used to define the various parameters of the given data set. Measure… Read More
The midpoint theorem states that “The line segment drawn from the midpoint of two sides of the triangle is parallel to the third side and… Read More

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