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Question 1. A survey conducted by an organization for the cause of illness and death among the women between the ages 15–44 (in years) worldwide,… Read More
Question 1. Parallelogram ABCD and rectangle ABEF are on the same base AB and have equal areas. Show that the perimeter of the parallelogram is… Read More
Question 1. A traffic signal board, indicating ‘SCHOOL AHEAD’, is an equilateral triangle with side ‘a’. Find the area of the signal board, using Heron’s… Read More
Question 1. ABC is a triangle. Locate a point in the interior of ΔABC which is equidistant from all the vertices of ΔABC. Solution: To… Read More
Question 1. Prove that the line of centres of two intersecting circles subtends equal angles at the two points of intersection.   Solution: Given: Two… Read More
Question 1. ABCD is a quadrilateral in which P, Q, R, and S are mid-points of the sides AB, BC, CD, and DA (see Fig… Read More
Problem 1: The blood groups of 30 students of Class VIII are recorded as follows: A, B, O, O, AB, O, A, O, B, A,… Read More
Question 1. In Figure, E is any point on median AD of a ΔABC. Show that ar (ABE) = ar(ACE). Solution: Given: AD is median… Read More
Question 11. In Figure, ABCDE is a pentagon. A line through B parallel to AC meets DC produced at F. Show that (i) ar(ΔACB) =… Read More
Question 1. In an isosceles triangle ABC, with AB = AC, the bisectors of ∠B and ∠C intersect each other at O. Join A to… Read More
Question 1.In fig. 10.36, A, B, and C are three points on a circle with Centre O such that ∠BOC=30° and ∠AOB=60°. If D is… Read More
Question 1. In a cricket match, a batswoman hits a boundary 6 times out of 30 balls she plays. Find the probability that she did… Read More