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Graduate Aptitude test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination that test the understanding of various subjects that we read in our GATE Score card… Read More
Input-Output Interface is used as an method which helps in transferring of information between the internal storage devices i.e. memory and the external peripheral device… Read More
1. Cache Memory : Cache is a smaller and fast memory component in the computer which is inserted between the CPU and the main memory.… Read More
Data Link Layer protocols are generally responsible to simply ensure and confirm that the bits and bytes that are received are identical to the bits… Read More
GATE is a popular exam and well known for its dynamic changes in every year. In this year, IIT Bombay is organizing and GATE authority… Read More
1. Hierarchical Data Model : Hierarchical data model is the oldest type of data model. It was developed by IBM in 1968. It organizes data in… Read More
GATE is the most prestigious post graduate exam for engineering students. Gate score is also taken by many PSU’s (Public sector Undertakings) for recruitment and… Read More
1. Assembler : An assembly language which is basically mnemonics like GO, HALT, JUMP, and NOT code which is translated to the machine language by… Read More
RAM and SRAM both are types of memories that are present inside a computer. They are a type of volatile memory that are present in… Read More
Symbol Table is an important data structure that is created and maintained by the compilers in order to track information about the occurrences of various… Read More
Prerequisite – Process Schedulers 1. Short-Term Scheduler : Short term scheduler is also known as CPU scheduler. Its main objective is to boost the system… Read More
Kernel is central component of an operating system that manages operations of computer and hardware. It basically manages operations of memory and CPU time. It… Read More
Interfaces and Services is a process that generally provides and gives a common technique for each layer to communicate with each other. Standard terminology basically… Read More
A Connectionless Service is technique that is used in data communications to send or transfer data or message at Layer 4 i.e., Transport Layer of… Read More

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