Difference Between Go-Back-N and Selective Repeat Protocol

Both Go-Back-N Protocol and Selective Repeat Protocol are the types of sliding window protocols.
The main difference between these two protocols is that after finding the suspect or damage in sent frames go-back-n protocol re-transmits all the frames whereas selective repeat protocol re-transmits only that frame which is damaged.

Now, we shall see the difference between them:

S.NO Go-Back-N Protocol Selective Repeat Protocol
1. In Go-Back-N Protocol, if the sent frame are find suspected then all the frames are re-transmitted from the lost packet to the last packet transmitted. In selective Repeat protocol, only those frames are re-transmitted which are found suspected.
2. Sender window size of Go-Back-N Protocol is N. Sender window size of selective Repeat protocol is also N.
3. Receiver window size of Go-Back-N Protocol is 1. Receiver window size of selective Repeat protocol is N.
4. Go-Back-N Protocol is less complex. Selective Repeat protocol is more complex.
5. In Go-Back-N Protocol, neither sender nor at receiver need sorting. In selective Repeat protocol, receiver side needs sorting to sort the frames.
6. Efficiency of Go-Back-N Protocol is

Efficiency of selective Repeat protocol is also

7. In Go-Back-N Protocol, type of Acknowledgement is cumulative. In selective Repeat protocol, type of Acknowledgement is individual.

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