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The shuf command in Linux writes a random permutation of the input lines to standard output. It pseudo randomizes an input in the same way… Read More
CFQ I/O disk elevator incorporates a tool called ionice which encourages the director to dole out needs on a process cycle level to accelerate or… Read More
In Linux, the history command can be used to show the list of commands which have been recently executed. HISTCONTROL variable is a colon-separated list… Read More
getopts is a very convenient bash script utility, which helps you to conveniently and gracefully handle the passing of flags(short version), and arguments in a… Read More
arecordmidi command in Linux is a utility command which is used to record a standard MIDI file from any number of ALSA sequencer ports. ALSA… Read More
The acpid daemon provides intelligent power management on a system and allows to query battery and configuration status by supporting the Advanced Configuration and Power… Read More
aplaymidi command in Linux is used to play standard MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files, by sending the content of a MIDI file to an ALSA(Advanced… Read More
The type command is used to describe how its argument would be translated if used as commands. It is also used to find out whether… Read More
The zdump command in Linux is used to print the current time in the specified zone or you can say prints the current time in… Read More
screen command in Linux provides the ability to launch and use multiple shell sessions from a single ssh session. When a process is started with… Read More
The look command in Linux shows the lines beginning with a given string. This command also uses binary search if the file is sorted. If… Read More
bind command is Bash shell builtin command. It is used to set Readline key bindings and variables. The keybindings are the keyboard actions that are… Read More
source is a shell built-in command which is used to read and execute the content of a file(generally set of commands), passed as an argument… Read More
ranlib command in Linux is used to generate index to archive. ranlib generates an index to the contents of an archive and it will be… Read More
scriptreplay command is used to replay a typescript/terminal_activity stored in the log file that was recorded by the script command. With the help of timing… Read More