Capgemini Placement Process

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Capgemini came to my campus on 5 Sep, 2019. It was a hectic schedule from morning to late night.

Bond is for 2 years.

The day starts with a nice PPt followed by Aptitude test, TR round and HR round.

Round 1: The first round is Aptitude test. Platform on which test occurs is It consists of 2 sections. 1st section is Aptitude test which comprises of 2 modules. 1st module is quantitative consisting of 16 questions. The level of questions is moderate. Some questions are very simple and easy. Some are difficult and time consuming. 2nd module contains questions from logical and qualitative aptitude. It also contains 16 questions. Total time given for this section is 50 minutes i.e. more than enough.

Section 2 is written English test. Time allotted is 30 minutes. Word limit is 148-188 words. The topic was simple. It was like essay writing.

Only the students who cleared both the sections are eligible for 3rd section otherwise you are out. The third round is pseudo code test consisting of 25 questions. Time allotted was 30 minutes. 10 questions from DSA and 15 questions were output based. The overall difficulty level was average. Person with basic knowledge of C and dsa can do these questions. Fortunately, I passed the test.

53 out of 190 cleared it and selected for Technical interview round.

Round 2: My technical interview started with introduction. Then all the questions that interviewer asked was about my projects, internships and final year project. She also asked questions from C and DSA as well.

48 out of 53 selected and moved to next round.

Round 3: This round was HR round. First question he asked me was about my day. He asked me about my hobbies. All the further questions was on my hobbies only. He was checking whether I was honest or not. And I passed his test.

I cleared this round as well and got selected.

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