Capgemini On Campus Placement Experience

Capgemini visited our campus for selection process in August and there were 4 rounds of selection process. Below I have described each round in a detailed manner.

Round 1:  Aptitude and Essay Writing

This was an online exam where we had to solve 30 questions (Quantitative and Logical Reasoning) in 45 minutes. The questions are of moderate difficulty, this is followed by an essay writing round where we have to write on a given topic in 200 words in about 15 minutes (Tip- do not use the backspace a lot, negative marks for that and grammar is important). More than 200 students appeared for this round,

60 were selected .

Round 2: Computer Science Questions

This was also an online round where we had to solve 25 questions of computer science course in 40 mintues. Questions were from DS, Algo, DBMS.

33 students were selected in this round

Round 3: Technical Interview

In this round, based on our skills, we were either asked questions about Data Science or about Development. I was asked questions on DBMS.

Example – Write a SQL query to inner join two tables.

There were also questions asked about my projects.

Some example questions –

  1. What is an API?
  2. Difference between SQL and NoSQL databases?
  3. DDL and DML queries.

Round 4  – HR Interview

In this final round, I was asked why I want to join Capgemini, what are my strengths and weaknesses etc .

15 students were selected from our college.

Hope this helps the upcoming batches.

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