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Capgemini Placement Process for Analyst

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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Round 1:Online Test

This round consist of aptitude, logical and verbal had to be cleared separately.Each round have section cut-off, the aptitude section contain question form basically (Number System, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Calendar and Data Interpretation) the question were easy you have to just analyse the question and choose the correct option and there was no negative marking, Along with there were also a paragraph writing section also, in which there was negative marking on the issues of how many times you press the backspace and delete button, whether your word limit is in desired range or not.The student who clear this round will go for second round(Pseudo Code).

Round 2:Pseudo Code

This  was a round of pseudo code which consist of 30 questions with 30 minutes.The question were a little bit tough the candidate should be fast in code execution.Questions were generally from recursion, iterations and data structures.

Round 3:Technical Interview

In this round the interviewer was generally asked from my internship experience(what project you made in internship, how you make solution, what was your approach, which language you uses for coding and why ?), project(how beneficial this project in real time application, approach towards solving your problem, Is this a team project).

after that the interviewer asked me some question from C and C++ as I written in my resume the question were normally from inheritance, object and class, inline function.After that Interviewer asked me with SQL and Software Engineering, And after that some question related with Data Structure(coding).My suggestion is to be calm, be honest and focus on what the interviewer wants to listen in answer this will increase your chance of getting hired.

Round 4:HR Interview

This round goes till 4:30 a.m. in the morning and i was called at 2:00 a.m., This round was not too hard the interviewer cross checks my academics marks that weather its satisfying criteria or not(60% throughout academic carrier).After that he asked me-

1-Why Capgemini?

2-Any problem related to location ?

3-Any problem in signing with 2 year Service Agreement with Capgemini?

approx with 2600 students 135 were selected and I am happy to be one of those.

I hope this  was of some benefit for you. I also thanks GeeksforGeeks for providing  such a knowledgeable platform.

Best Of Luck !

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