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Blog | General facts about the Campus Placement Drive

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The first question arises that what is the placement drive in various engineering colleges? Let me explain it. After completing the high school degree you have assigned for getting a college degree and let yourself be admitted in an Engineering colleges. There are several options like mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer science and you have to select one of these. after 3.5 years several IT companies and core companies will come to your college to hire people by judging their abilities and by their requirements. This phenomenon is called placement, that is nothing but one kind of internship. This placement also has some common basic criteria on the basis of which the companies hire you. Let us discuss in the followings-
  1. Every company is trying to do better and getting themselves better. So they only select those candidates who are able to solve their problems as per their requirements because they only see their profits not yours. in this way you also have to give them all of the requirements of their. But there are some basic criteria also for all companies.
  2. You have to keep your CGPA 8 or above 8. These CGPA indicates you as a good or bad student in the college throughout the 7 semesters.
  3. Fluency in English speaking is also a important criteria because you have to deal with many clients who are not able to understand your Hindi or Bengali or other Indian Languages. There you have to communicate with them by speaking English.
  4. Upto 70 % student have passed in the aptitude tests of the several companies but in failed in group discussions, general knowledge. In group discussions you have to speak up for God’s sake because the recruiters are there for judging your logic and communication skills.
  5. The recruiters will ask you several technical questions to know how much you can afford to them just to check your engineering knowledge. They can deviate you from your answer but you have to keep confidence in yourself, that what you are telling is right, it can’t be wrong.
  6. Body language is one of the basic Criteria. Discipline must be shown into you by your body language. Apart from these there are several criteria like your gentleness, manners, common senses that can effect in your placement.
Note: The views expressed in the blog are perfectly mine and may vary with other geeks(which is absolutely fine I guess :)).

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Last Updated : 01 Mar, 2019
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