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Application Programming Interfaces (API) and its Types

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 23 Jun, 2021
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Overview :
An Application programming interface is a software interface that helps in connecting between the computer or between computer programs. It is an interface that provides the accessibility of information such that weather forecasting. In simple words, you can say it is a software interface that offers service to the other pieces of software.

Example –
Best examples of web services APIs are- SOAP (Simple object access protocol), REST.

Features :

  • An application programming interface is a software that allows two applications to talk to each other.
  • Application programming interface helps in enabling applications to exchange data and functionality easily.
  • The application programming interface is also called a middle man between two systems.
  • Application programming interface helps in data monetization.
  • Application programming interface helps in improving collaboration.

Different types of APIs :
These are common types of APIs as follows. 

  1. Open APIs – 
    It is also called public APIs which are available to any other users. Open APIs help external users to access the data and services. It is an open-source application programming interface in which we access with HTTP protocols.
  2. Internal APIs – 
    It is also known as private APIs, only an internal system exposes this type of APIs. These are designed for the internal use of the company rather than the external users.
  3. Composite APIs – 
    It is a type of APIs that combines different data and services. The main reason to use Composites APIs is to improve the performance and to speed the execution process and improve the performance of the listeners in the web interfaces.  
  4. Partner APIs –  
    It is a type of APIs in which a developer needs specific rights or licenses in order to access. Partner APIs are not available to the public.

Applications of APIs in the real world :
Here, are some real-world applications are as follows.

  • Weather snippets – 
    In weather snippets, APIs are generally used to access a large set of datasets to access the information of weather forecast which is very helpful information in day-to-day life.
  • Login – 
    In this functionality, APIs are widely used to log in via Google, Linked In, Git Hub, Twitter and allow users to access the log-in portal by using the API interface.
  • Entertainment – 
    In this field, APIs are used to access and provide a huge set of databases to access movies, web series, comedy, etc.
  • E-commerce website – 
    In this, APIs provide the functionality like if you have purchase something, and now you want to pay so, API provides interface like you can pay using different bank debit cards, UPI(Unified Payments Interface), credit card, wallet, etc.
  • Gaming – 
    In gaming, it provides an interface like you can access the information of the game, and you can connect to different users and play with different-different users at the same time.
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