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Amazon Interview Experience for Summer Internship 2020(On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019
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Recently Amazon visited IIT(ISM) Dhanbad for hiring interns.

Round 1:

This was an online assessment test. The test consisted of three sections.

1). Debugging: There were 7 C++ programs to be debugged. This part was very simple.

2). Aptitude: There were 24 aptitude based problems. The time limit was 35 minutes. The problems were ranged from cake-walk to easy.

3). Coding Section: This consisted of 2 coding problems. The time allowed was 70 minutes.

The first problem was:

The second problem was based on Round Robin Scheduling. Given n processes, their arrival times and burst times, it was required to calculate the average waiting time using Round Robin scheduling.        The Round Robin scheduling was not explained in great detail in the problem, hence a lot of students failed to solve the problem. I was well aware with the working of Round Robin scheduling, so I             was able to solve both the problems and thus made it to the interviews,

Round 2:

There was only one technical interview and no HR round.

The interviewer was very friendly. The interview started with discussions on the recent projects I was part of. The discussion lasted for about 15 minutes.

He asked me if I was aware of page faults in Operating Systems and asked me about the various page replacement algorithms.

Then he asked me about the LRU cache. I was told to implement its code.

Then he asked me about cycle detection in a directed graph. I had to implement its working code on paper.

Then I was asked to implement the code for

I was able to solve and implement all the problems and was selected for the internship.

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