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Amazon Summer Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus

Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019
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Amazon was hiring from my college The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur for Full Time Employment (FTE) +Semester Long Internship (SLI) for the final year and Summer Internship for the pre-final year students.

Online Assessment :

The online assessment was scheduled on 6th August 2019 and conducted on AMCAT .It consisted of 4 rounds and the programming languages allowed were C, C++ and Java.

Round 1:In this round we had to debug , not so much inappropriate code in our favourable coding language based on given output and explanation.It consisted of 7 easy questions and 15 minutes were given to complete this task.

Round 2:It was the logical reasoning round and were given 24 questions with time limit of 35 minutes.

Round 3:The coding round consisted of 2 questions with time limit of 70 minutes .

The first question was an easy one , which required us to search in a 2D Array(matrix) and return the co-ordinates of desired value as a pair.

In the second question , I was given a grid consisting of 0, 1 and exactly one 9.The task was to find whether 9 is reachable from (0, 0) co-ordinate by only travelling along the cells containing 1.I solved it using DFS approach , BFS or recursion can also be used.

Round 4:It consisted of questions based on work ethics and was a serious weightage.The students who had done the first 3 rounds very well but did not respond to the questions properly were not selected.

The results of the online round was declared a day after and about 50 were selected for the next round from about 250 students who gave the online round.

Personal Interview:

The next round for the hiring procedure was a face to face interview with the recruiters , scheduled at 10th August 2019.

The interviewer was a nice guy, first he introduced himself and then asked me to briefly introduce myself.After he began with the technical questions:

1:He gave my an array consisting of strictly increasing numbers to a point, followed by strictly decreasing numbers , for eg: 1 4 7 10 9 4 2 0, the task was to find the maximum in the array.

2: The question was to decompress the compressed string.I solved it using a stack of characters.The interviewer asked me my approach and after that he asked me to pen it on a paper.He then tried a few test case on the code and was happy with my approach.

3:Given a linked list , my task was to check whether the linked list was pallindrome or not.I began with solution using O(n) extra space , but after discussing a bit with the interviewer I was able to get to the inplace solution with no extra space , he then asked me to pen down my approach and he tried the code against 2 cases and my code was able to pass them with slight edge cases being missed, but while discussing my approach further I was able to rectify the errors and he was satisfied with the approach.

4:Some basics about BFS and DFS were asked , like difference between them and their uses.

After the coding questions, he switched to questions from computer science fundamentals, he began with the concept of OOPS, explanation of polymorphism , difference between function overloading and overriding.

Next, he switched to basics of Computer Networks and Operating Systems and asked some practical world applications of the concepts of threads and processes.At last he asked me about ACID properties from DBMS.

After all these he asked whether i have any question for him and he told me about his hometown and experience at the company as a software developer.

The results were announced on the day of interview itself in the evening and 14 students were selected for the summer internship out of 50 shortlisted for the interview and I was lucky enough to get selected.

Cheers, Happy Coding 🙂

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